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2009/03/12 2:06:35: By DM
Well folks, it took almost a month, but we finally got all the parts in and put together for the Street Fighter IV console arcade project. This project was born in honor of SF4, of course, but any PS3 or Xbox360 console and game can be used with it, and really anyone can build it with enough time. Read the article and you may be able to as well, it came out sweet!
2008/09/26 12:32:30: By DM
There is a new trailer for SFIV over at the official Japanese website. This one features Chun Li, and is heavy on the animation. Click on the new video on he top right side that says "up" next to it. Also, there are new screenshots of Gouken in action. You can view them here. Is it us, or does he look a bit like Heihachi?
2008/09/18 11:53:44: By DM
More fighting videos today, folks, we love it! Now we have a 4-minute gameplay trailer from ZTekken 6, direct from the AM Show In Tokyo! Enjoy!

2008/09/18 11:46:35: By DM
Here is the first real gameplay video from the totally-redrawn and high-res King of Fighters 12. What more is there to say, you know we are fighting game suckers here at GR.

2008/08/15 0:23:14: By DM
Well, this blog site has some downloadable MP4 format videos from the new Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom game. They are cam, technically, but they are in HD resolution and they look fantastic. You can really see the game in all its glory, and it looks like one heck of a great time.

Also, if you check out this page, all the Wii owners can rejoice because the game looks like it is coming to Wii as well! This page over at FightersFrontLine, which is usually dead on reliable, shows that the game is coming to the Wii. Of course, no official word yet, but here's hoping!
2008/08/13 13:50:31: By DM
Just a quick FYI. For those of you lucky enough to live, where else, in SoCal, specifically Walnut, CA, you will be allowed the privilege of playing on the first Street Fighter IV arcade machine installed in the US. The arcade is located right across the street from the Mt. San Antonio College in the same plaza with Jack In The Box according to SD Tekken. Anyone who can check it out, let us know how it is!
2008/08/09 23:51:14: By DM
The latest video from Street Fighter IV has been released. This direct feed vid is great quality, and you can really see the game's mechanics in action. Remember, the game is being debuts right now at the EVO2k8 fighting tournament in Las Vegas. The word from the guys who play SF for a living is that the game plays more like SF3: 3s minus parrying. Good or bad news that is, depends on you. One more day of tournament play is slated, so tune in tomorrow for one more day of news and vids from the latest Capcom fighters.

2008/08/09 2:29:29: By DM
The biggest fighting game tourney of the year [email protected], is going on right now. As you may or may not know, all the new fighters are there in their current forms. Street Fighter IV, SF2HD Remix, and, of course, Tatsunoko Vs. Capcom! Here is a great quality video of TatVsCap, direct from the tourney. This game is going to be fantastic! Click read more for the other two videos, and enjoy!

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