2009/10/20 11:17:51: By DM
Q Games, the developer of PixelJunk Monsters, said that it is not likely to port any more games to the Sony PSP. This is due to piracy running rampant, apparently. One of the lead developers at Q Games, the maker of Pixeljunk, said that he was shocked when he entered a Monsters chat room and almost all members were nonchalantly talking about how they all used ripped copies of the game. Most of us are used to piracy by now, but it seems Q Games founder Dylan Cuthbert is not aware of just how big piracy is these days. Sounds like pouting to us, but it is up to Q Games in the end. Sony cannot be too happy about this revelation, though.
2009/10/16 14:09:32: By DM
The PSP Continues to outsell the Wii and PS3 in Japan. The numbers this week are down slightly from last week, but over 40k units were still sold. The DSi retained the top spot, of course, but the PSP GO is certainly helping Sony, it seems.
2009/10/12 12:33:50: By DM
Nintendo USA president Reggie Fils-Aime has questioned the point of the PSP GO. He does not agree with Sony's decision to release the updated handheld hardware, claiming it has a "fundamental concept problem." Reggie maintains he has the utmost respect for all of Ninty's competitors, but says it is interesting to try to answer the question "what's in it for me?" when talking about the PSP GO. So far, the PSP GO has been selling decently, but it also has boosted the sales of the earlier, fatter PSP units.

2009/10/08 16:32:55: By DM
Even though the launch of the PSP GO is being panned by most, the launch of the new handheld model in the US has boosted PSP sales by 300% overall in the first week. The launch has also resulted in a jump in PSN sales revenues, which pretty much goes hand in hand with the PSP GO, as there is no other way to get games on the machine. What will happen this holiday season remains to be seen, but Sony really should drop the price a bit and offer the 4 free UMD games that PSP GO purchasers are getting in the UK.
2009/10/08 14:40:29: By DM
The new set of iPhone-esque mini games available on the PSP Store, PSP MINIs, as they are called, are priced below $5 USD as of now, and Sony says it is not their responsibility to keep the prices competitive. According to the PSP manufacturer, the developers of the MINIs set the prices themselves. The prices are still a significant amount higher than the iPhone Appstore games, though, and Sony says the prices can certainly be dropped lower, if the publishers and developers wish it. Passing the buck? Literally? You decide.
2009/10/08 12:55:01: By DM
For those of you who want to play MGS: Peacewalker but cannot wait for the full game, do not fret. You can head on over to the official Japanese website and download the demo, providing you can navigate your way through it. Then again, it does not take a genius to play MGS if you have played it before. Grab it now!
2009/10/07 17:23:06: By DM
SCEA has now begun selling PSN content via Amazon. It is only available in the US for now, but it features over 200 new items like Fat Princess, and classics like SOCOM and Twisted Metal. Amazon already sells XBLive titles, and even WiiWare items, so it was only natural to add the PSN store stuff as well.
2009/10/07 12:44:07: By DM
The latest Metal Slug game, number 7, was a DS exclusive for a while. Now, though, the game is making its way to the PSP under the game Metal Slug XX. Not only will the game feature MS7, but there will be a ton of extra content as well. The game will be super hard, as per usual, so plan for some serious time wasted on this one.

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