2007/12/07 10:17:25: By DM
Web site publisher Future US, who administers the games website GamesRadar, was served with an official complaint yesterday from the Texas Attorney General's office. The complain maintains that GamesRadar allowed access to content deemed inappropriate for children, while also including information about games "clearly targeted to young children." GamesRadar is formulating an official response and will not comment until then.
2007/09/19 14:18:33: By DM
The new Bungie.net has debuted, and it looks good. This is in preparation for the Halo 3 launch, of course, and the massive, massive, traffic that the website and servers will be getting come Monday night. Let's hope the hardware is there to handle it!
2006/02/13 9:09:09: By DM
The official homepage for Atari's time-hopping FPS is up. The website features the usual fare, and you need to be of age to enter. If you are at work be warned, there is sound.

2005/12/16 19:40:28: By DM
The official website for the new Sonic The Hedgehog game, Sonic Riders, is live. The website features general game info, character mini-bios, two videos, screenshots, and even a tutorial video to help you get stared when you play for the first time. The game is due out on the 21st of February, so if you are one of those gamers who enjoys character-themed racing games, check this one out.
2005/12/11 23:40:43: By DM
Square has launched the official website for both Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth and Valkyrie Profile: Slimeria. To be honest there is not much content right now, but if you can read Japanese you can get a bit of background info. If someone wants to translate it please post a comment here.
2005/11/23 16:01:35: By DM
Gametrailers, the website that culls all the various game media from the net and consolidates it into one convenient media outlet, has been bought by MTV. This means you can expect much more advertising and pop-cultre schlock when you visit the website. Joy.


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