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Playstation Brand Cell Phone Rumor Reemerges >
2009/05/08 13:57:31: Posted by DM
The president of Sony Ericsson has re-lit the fires of the Playstation Cell Phone rumor with his latest statement, it seems. Hideki Komiyama told the Financial Times that they had failed to stay on top of technological developments in the mobile business, and a PlayStation brand mobile "could happen." Sony's Walkman and Cybershot brands have already been integrated into its phones, why not PlayStation?

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Written by [email protected] on 2009/05/08

I would love for this to come true!!!!!!!!!!

That would truly be a great day!!!!!:-)
Written by Libara on 2009/05/08

Im happy with my iPhone lol
Written by [email protected] on 2009/05/08

Which one do you think would be better The iPhone Or a playstation Phone?

Written by PimpDaddy on 2009/05/08

I love my Iphone. But the PSP is a sexy bitch. If they could somehow turn it into a phone that had similar features to the Iphone. Then I would buy it...
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