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Under Defeat Dreamcast Game Now Available >
2006/03/18 12:19:48: Posted by DM
Just a head up to our loyal dreamcat fans out there, Under Defeat, the Limited Edition shooter, is now available. Head on over to this website to check out the cover art and a bit of info.

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Written by Ric Hard on 2006/03/18

It brings tears to my eyes to see after all this time something made for the dreamcast. I mean The games that was made for that system. Like Powerstone 1&2, Panzer Dragoon, Ready2Rumble, Nba2k series, virtual tennis, and last but not least the beautiful Resident Evil code veronica. Those were fantastic games. What makes all this funny is the Sega dreamcast was a Japanese made product and still the PS2 beat it from the start. Now lets not say that the PS2 was stronger because it wasn't. They both was almost identical in specs. It's just Sony has a strong hold on japan or maybe because Bill Gates had his hand in the making of the Dreamcast. Well let me get back on track and Say .You Go old man. Dreamcast forever!!!!
Written by Inferno (33) on 2006/03/18

My favorite system of all time, I had the best memories with it and the launch I remember like it was yesterday, lining up at midnight.

Written by Ric Hard on 2006/03/18

Ahh! the memories, I also went to the Midnight launch I pick up the system, NBA2k ,Trick style and race boat game that came out. Something hyper or thunder. Well I think I came home with about 5 games and I enjoyed every single one of them.
Written by Majid on 2006/03/19

hello gamers,

Shenmue 2 will never be forgotten I will always remember Sega’s Dreamcast & still some everlasting memories remain alive when I bought beautiful white machine Dreamcast along with Head hunter here in Lahore Pakistan.
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/03/19

Shenmue 1&2 was great games. That was like one of the free roaming,martial art,night and day game. It had a little of dragon lair, were if you was chasing somebody you had to press or push the orders that was blinking on the screen. Than you need a job to pay rent and eat or if you wanted to you can go and gamble. the game was pretty cool. Good choice Majid.
Written by Majid on 2006/03/19

Hello Gamers,

by the way thanks Ric.Shenmue 1 & 2 some of of the greatest And unforgettable as well as the first free roaming games ever created & most ambitious games of all time. With awesome graphics & complete Motion capture animations for all the characters in Game. Setting the record for the largest budget of any video game ever made. Created by my favorite Yu Suzuki & the both games became a big hit for Dreamcast.still some Great memories are remain alive in my hart when I used to play Shenmue 1 & 2 on Dreamcast. Even to this Time I am playing Shenmue 2 on my beautiful black machine Xbox.

Written by Ric Hard on 2006/03/19

They said that the game suppose to have 20 chapters. The first shenmue had one chapter and the second I think had 2,3,4. They claim at the time no matter what system it is the series will continue on. So you never know we could be playing shenmue on the xbox 360 soon. I hope it happens and they keep there promise about the series.
Written by Inferno (33) on 2006/03/19

I remember buying shenmue on a Friday and then beating it in the weekend because I played it non stop for 2 days lol. I love the game and hope Yu Suzuki finishes the series off.
Written by Majid on 2006/03/19

Hello Ric Hard,

Well even to this time there are some indications that Shenmue 3 will definitely come to next the Generation Consoles. And this was the biggest news at KIKIZO.COM last year. Not only Shenmue 3 but all the chapters are coming. At the moment Xbox 360 have chances to join the grand party of Shenmue 3. But maybe we see Shenmue in multiplatform.According to YU SUZUKI Shenmue 3 online is not based on any exciting Shenmue title. Which means Shenmue Online’s story line is just like a side story from Shenmue 2. He directly said This (Shenmue Online) will allow gradual continuation to the story . so keep on waiting

Written by Jay Hazuki (1) on 2006/03/31

i absolutely love shenmue. best games ever! unfortunately i dnt hav an x-box and i dont have shenmue 2 on dreamcast but im stil lookin. i hav playd it tho, lol. does it get really good towards the end?
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