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Last Hope Dreamcast Game Releases Soon >
2006/11/21 9:56:13: Posted by DM
The Dreamcast just will not go away folks. Another shooter is now slated for release on the aging console. Last Hope, as you can see by the official website, looks like a fantastic game. Check it out and never say die Dreamcast fans!

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Written by kidkit on 2006/11/21

i leant mine away years ago :(

Written by Fishcake21 on 2006/11/21

I still keep my dreamcast, this little bastard just has the games that no other system would ever have, or come close to it in terms of quantity
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2006/12/23

Response to Fishcake21,

I agree with you about the quality of the Dreamcast. For goodness sake, the version of Daytona on the Dreamcast is BETTER than the arcade version! I was pretty happy about that, because Sega took a LOT of crap during the Saturn days about how Daytona was so disappointing. Daytona on the Dreamcast is one of my favorite games of all time. I like San Francisco Rush 2049 a lot, too! Some of those LOOOOOOOOOONG jumps were so awesome that it was like you could feeeeeeeel you were flying in your car!

My goodness, I had no clue that the Dreamcast was still having games made for it, though.
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