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I-play Gets Big Air with FMX III Hardcore! >
2007/10/12 7:39:37: Posted by vividbreeze


London, UK & San Mateo, CA – October 11, 2007: I-play, the mobile entertainment company, today announced the global launch of Freestyle Moto-X III Hardcore, the third in the series of the most successful FMX franchise on mobile which has sold almost two million units to date. FMX III Hardcore, designed and developed by mobile games specialist XENDEX, belongs to the Motocross gaming franchise that has been described as ‘answering the prayers’ of mobile games enthusiasts by industry’s critics. The game launches this month across I-play’s global network of distribution partners.

FMX III Hardcore offers the most sophisticated and thrilling game play experience seen from the franchise to date. Players must be prepared for some serious crashes in order to become the most hardcore Freestyle Motocross rider. Players begin by honing their skills in the LA backstreets before heading for the bright lights of Vegas to become a Motocross star, and finally pulling off the craziest stunts to hype the crowd at a killer Rock Concert.

The series is known and respected for the cutting edge physics engine in each game, which has progressed with every title. The game features include turning your bike 180 degrees to ride the tracks in reverse and doing insane 360 air tricks. Amazing rag doll physics allow players to be thrown from the bike and have the most extreme crashes ever seen on mobile. Bonus levels include the insane Kamikaze, a death defying Big Jump and a variety of awesome tricks to pull off including Superman, Cordova and Tsunami.

David Gosen, President, I-play commented: “To be a Moto-X champion, you have to be willing to put your body, health and in some circumstances your life on the line. But for those who don’t want to go to that extreme, the fun can be experienced from the relative safety of the mobile phone. Capitalizing on the hottest specialty area of freestyle motocross with its counter-culture image and lifestyle, the title has a ‘pick-up-and-play’ appeal that will delight both motocross fans and non-fans alike.”

Michael Haberl, CEO of XENDEX says “We are happy to release one of the best extreme sport mobile games, as we see it. FMX III Hardcore is the first FMX game of the series available also in 3D, with an even more advanced physics engine than in previous versions. The technology behind FMX III Hardcore is borrowed from molecular physics and allows fast and realistic simulation of the stunning stunts achievable in the sport. XENDEX will continue to push the limits of mobile phone games with other upcoming title releases.”

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