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2008/03/28 13:29:21: Posted by vividbreeze
Ozura unveils Hotlink Warriors 2 in conjunction with Maxis’ Hotlink Games and Anime Festival 2008. Click read more for full press release.


Singapore, March 28, 2008 - Ozura Mobile (“Ozura”), a leading international publisher and developer of mobile entertainment, has released its latest Hotlink Warriors 2 mobile games on MaxGames, Maxis’ mobile gaming community portal which runs on Ozura’s FunlogiX™ platform.

Hotlink Warriors 2, a series of branded games in conjunction with Maxis' Hotlink Games and Anime Festival 2008 features three distinct titles: Arena of Doom 2, The Legend and Rising Chaos. Ozura has developed a new installment of a previous premise and two brand new games designed from the ground up. These new games provide mind-blowing experiences and adrenaline pumping action.

“Superheroes play an important role in the youth culture nowadays, Hotlink Warriors 2 allows more than millions of the mobile users to realize their dream of becoming a superhero when they play the game. The combination of fun game play and fantastic characters will appeal to a wide player. We are looking forward to bringing more branded titles to mobile users around the world,” stated H.E. Mah, Ozura’s Vice President of Marketing. “

Hotlink Warriors: Arena of Doom 2 is a new installment of the previous title, with a new set of refreshing characters to select from. Each character possesses unique characteristics and fighting techniques. There are several forms of attacking moves available: Punch / normal attacks, long range attacks, jump, counter attacks and an ultimate move to end all moves. In addition, players can chain relentless combos using all the attacks available to them, smashing their opposition. This is truly a game that will test a player's reflexes to the limit.

Hotlink Warriors: The Legend is a rich, immersive action game with a rich background story, telling the heart-wrenching tale of the betrayal of Master Lee by his most talented student, Xylus. On one ominous day, Xylus stole away the Rune from Master Lee before killing him. With the great power of the Rune, he begins his plan for global domination. Players are required to take on the role of Maximus to stop Xylus and save the world!

Hotlink Warriors: Rising Chaos is about the story of the ultimate showdown between good and evil, in the form of a highly tactical combat simulation. In the game, players are able to control Maximus and Hallie along with a host of unique and memorable characters, from mighty knights to devout priestesses. The game will challenge the player's tactical acumen as he commands Maximus's Warhost against overwhelming odds.

Hotlink Warriors 2 was launched simultaneously on Maxis' MaxGames, a mobile gaming community portal with the tournament expected to run for a period of three consecutive months. To download and play these new tournament games, visit MaxGames' WAP or website at www.maxgames.com.my for more information.

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