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Soul Calibur IV

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Written by DM on Monday, August 04 2008

In the TOLS mode, you fight enemies floor by floor, grouped into 2 or 3 floors at a time. As you progress, you will unlock more and more powerful items to purchase in the Customization mode. Of course, the TOLS mode gets extremely hard around level 38, when you must beat 3 floors in not enough time to boot up your Xbox360. I digress. Keep in mind, this is in the “Ascension” mode of the Tower. There is also a “Descent” mode.

The “Descent” mode of the Tower is just like your regular survival mode in most fighters. As you fight you are rewarded with more life if you win, and if you die, well, you start over. You can unlock items using this mode as well, but only every 5 floors you reach. Beating the Tower is going to take you a long time, mark my words, so if you are hesitant about purchasing this game because you are afraid it will not provide enough playtime, you need not worry.

As I said, the Character Customization mode is robust, and there are 50 data slots you can fill with any characters you like – modified existing players or totally new players you have created from scratch. Yes, you can even play online using custom characters, if you choose the correct mode.

You can also add certain passive and active skills to your characters in the Customization mode. Skills like Auto Grapple Break levels A through C, which will make it much harder for an opponent to grab you. You will fight enemies who have this skill equipped when you are in the Tower, and trust me, you will come to curse it. There are many other skills to obtain, but the skill points are hard to obtain. As you fight with a certain character, in any game mode, you will increase in “Style Levels.” As your level increase, you will be awarded more Style Points to use. You are only given a certain amount in each category, and once you pick one skill that uses a category’s points, you cannot add another skill that uses those type of skill points. It sounds confusing, but you should have no trouble with it.

As I said, the game also has an online play mode, which is a part of the standard versus modes. This is the first SC game to feature an online play mode, and Namco has learned a lot from putting Tekken 5 DR online. There is really no lag to speak of, and there is more than one mode to choose from. You can play either ranked or non-ranked matches, and you can also create a “Session,” which frankly, is the best option in my opinion. In Session mode you can have up to four players join in a room, and you can fight round-robin style. As in DOA online play, you can watch the fighters who are playing when you aren’t. You can even choose not to allow customized or created characters when you play online, so if you are just a beginner, you can lessen the chance to get your ass handed to you.

Of course, I know you all want to know about Darth Vader, Yoda, and the secret character, the Apprentice from The Force Unleashed. The Xbox360 version has Yoda, the PS3 version has Darth, and they both have the Apprentice. And yes, we did break the news, Darth Vader at least is likely to be a downloadable character for the Xbox360 version, but you are more interested in how they play.

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Soul Calibur IV

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