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Written by DM on Wednesday, September 17 2008

Pure, the new ATV off-road racing game from Disney Interactive, was released alongside two games this week that were certainly hyped much more. It may get lost in the Rock Band 2 and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed hubbub, but that by no means should make you overlook the title. Is it worth a purchase, though? Well, let's find out.

You may be thinking "Disney! Is Mickey Mouse an unlockable character? No way!" The fact is, though, Disney Interactive bought up Black Rock Studio, who actually made the game. Black Rock Studio, as you may or not know, are the ones who have been making the ATV Off-road and related racing titles for years. They are no strangers to the genre, and it shows. Most times, though, their games keep the action at least mostly within the realm of possibility. Well, forget that this time around. This racer has over-the-top-action with unrealistic jumps and chasms galore. You will be on the edge of your seat at least a few times during races, trust me. In fact, most of the time you will find yourself focusing on these crazy antics in order to do well during races and build boost, rather than simply following the straight line to the finish.

The controls in Pure are setup in the now-familiar arrangement. Right trigger for gas, left for brake, and the left analog to steer. As with other racing games, you can lean forward or back on your suspension in order to charge your vehicle before a jump or soften a blow after landing. This helps to add to the visceral feel of the quads in Pure. The main area of complaint in racing games, I've found, is the feel of the vehicle. Players complain their vehicles are too "light," or they simply slide around the track, or even worse, the vehicles are just stuck in the middle of the screen while the tracks moves around them. This is not so in Pure. The bikes have enough weight, yet they do not feel too clunky when airborne.

The actual racing is an important part of the game, to be sure, but what Pure really provides players with is an involved trick system. You start out with only level 1 tricks unlocked, and as you successfully pull of the level 1 feats, you will eventually unlock level 2 tricks, and so on until level 3. Each trick level corresponds to one of the buttons on the pad, and to perform them you simply hit the corresponding level button and a direction on the left analog.

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