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Written by DM on Thursday, September 18 2008

Those of us who, more or less, worshipped the first three Star Wars movies (now called episode IV, V, and VI, apparently), were overjoyed when we originally heard that Lucas was going to make the prequels. Well, years after, and many, many, games, books, TV specials, and promotional events later, we now realize that Lucas has turned Star Wars into a cottage industry, with quantity over quality being the order of the day. Sure, Revenge of the Sith was decent, but it still pales in comparison to the original three.

As I said, most of the Star Wars games released in recent memory were average, at best, and that is being generous. So when Lucas started touting yet another Star Wars games, we all collectively yawned and went about our business. It was not until we discovered that Lucasarts would be using a brand new physics and terrain deforming engine for the game, that interest began to swell. Then, we were treated to a teaser video in which a force-user brings down a Star Destroyer right in front of where he is standing. Not the puny, little shuttle-sized Destroyer, mind you, but the big, Victory-class job. Of course this made jaws drop and we all said, "this cannot be in-game." Well, it turns out, it was. More or less, that is.

The developer behind the game, Day 1 Studios, has developed their own system of terrain deformation and environment interaction that is just swell! The developer incorporates this technology generously into The Force Unleashed, and it shows. I personally think this Star wars game was also a sort of "test run" for Day 1's upcoming third person shooter Fracture, which is basically built around terrain deformation, and as you can see from the Fracture demo (released today), Day 1 pulled all the stops out. But I digress, we are here for Star Wars today.

The storyline in The Force Unleashed, and yes, there actually is a storyline in this Star Wars game, centers around Starkiller. (Spoilers ahead) Starkiller is Darth Vader's secret apprentice, and when the game begins, you get to play the ultimate evil villain himself in order to retrieve Starkiller as a small child from Kashyyyk, the home of the Wookies. After you kill Starkiller's father and the other Imperial officers who witnessed it all, you and Starkiller escape and we cut to 20 or so years later when SK is almost a full Sith, and kneels before Vader for his first mission. As the story takes place in the void between Episodes 3 and 4, the Clone Wars are still fresh in the Galaxy.

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