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SOCOM: Confrontation

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Written by DM on Saturday, November 08 2008

Today, we bring you the first GR PostView5, the new game review system we have decided upon here at GR. Yes, this is part of the changes and additions we spoke about. We figure, every website out there does their four-page review with their number or letter review system, just before or slightly after a game is released. Well, we here at GR got tired of re-hashing that old gig over and over, so we came up with a bit of a different system. We created the PostView5.

The PostView5 is named for two reasons. The first part of the name, “PostView,” is what we came up with because this is not a preview, since the final version of the game is already out, or just about released, and it is the version you will purchase at the store. So, “PostView” pretty much sums up the fact it is not a full novel of a review, and it is not information based on an early version of the game, or even the final version that is not coming out for a while yet. The “5” portion of the name indicates the new review numbering system. Each part of the game, story, gameplay, graphics, audio, and config/options/misc, are assigned a point value, and can make up a total of 5/5 points. This is so that you know what you are getting with the game, and what parts will shine and what parts will frustrate.

So there you have it, no more will we be going the same review route as almost every other website out there, if you want to read a 4 page review for 30 mins and get a score out of 10, there are ample website choices that provide just that. Here, we will make it much shorter and sweeter for you from now on, so that you can get in and out fast, just like our award-winning news blog has let you do with the news for over three years now. Enjoy!

SOCOM: Confrontation for the Playstation 3 is the full SOCOM sequel that the fans of the beloved military shooter series have been waiting for. The game has been a staple for online Playstation play since the original was released years ago. In order to entice SOCOM players even further, the game contained fan-favorite maps, including Frostfire, Desert Glory, and Crossroads (players of the game will instantly recognize the names). Is the game worth purchasing though, for having only online play?

The gameplay in SOCOM: Confrontation is much the same as the previous games. You play on the side of either the Commandos or the Mercenaries, and as per usual, the most popular game mode is Team Deathmatch with respawns (kill the other team members as many times as you can). The other two modes are Extraction (escort hostages to safe zone), and Control (checkpoint hold and defend). You can set any number of options once you pick the game mode, such as respawn amount and weapon restrictions. The control setup is much the same as the other games in the series, and akin to many other shooters. One thing SOCOM: Confrontation does add on the PS3, is the ability to use the SixAxis Pad’s tilt sensitivity, in order to lean out from behind cover. It is useful, but a bit awkward to use in the heat of battle.

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