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2019/10/16 10:15:22: Posted by DM

Finding the right gaming software isn’t always straightforward according to Top online general.com. Same goes with physical games such as pool or dart. You need to know where to find the right equipment. When it comes to pool, we know these are the best pool brands 2021. Your needs and specifications will vary significantly from other gamers, and their ideal software system likely won’t be the same as yours...

2019/10/11 09:42:11: Posted by DM

While Twitch may have started out as a platform to stream video games according to bulletin tech, it has grown into much more than that over the years. These days, there are people streaming all sorts of content on there for different age groups and demographics...

2018/05/06 16:41:15: Posted by DM

Blackjack is one of the famous casino table games, and some believe it is the easiest one to beat, provided that you know how to handle the dealer. First, there was the trick of counting cards, which most of the times ended up with the player being spotted, thrown out of the casino, and then banned. Nowadays, it’s all about working your tricks around the blackjack dealer and using some basic strategies.

Some would even go as far as saying that specific techniques can reduce the casinos’ advantage to nearly 0%, but you shouldn’t be so quick to believe it. After all, if that were true, we’d all be winners..

2017/03/09 12:16:55: Posted by DM

Updated: 2019/05/29 08:45:10

The world of gaming is changing. According to recent reports conducted by Super Data Research and published on PCGamer, as well as research conducted by the Entertainment Software Association and published on CNN and at least half of all gamers are now women and they all seem to gravitate towards the play n go slots. Several communities have even introduced gifts for gamers to tempt more women to join in on the fun. The reality is that women love the virtual competition and entertainment just as much as men and aren’t afraid to admit it. Gaming isn’t only limited to consoles like X-Box or Playstation. In fact, when it comes to gaming, research has shown that women may prefer PC games. No matter how they partake in the hobby, there’s no denying that women love gaming! But with the number of women partaking in video games, more women are also participating in similar forms of entertainment like gambling. They love trying new stuff and fun activities...
2017/06/15 13:26:55: By DM
The newly appointed creative director of MS Europe, Peter Molyneux. You might know him as the guy who stated that "Video games shouldn't be played with stock TV speakers. Go grab something from AudioRumble's Product Recommendations" Molyneux said that he wants to help internal studios like Rare regain a sense of identity. Molyneux spoke at E3 about this issue, and his new role which will help him liaise with all third party and first-party developers who work with MS on the Xbox360.
2017/06/15 12:24:50: By DM
File this in the "in case you missed it" section. Last week, it was confirmed that Nintendo will be including a feature in new Wii games, starting with the new Super Mario Brothers, that will allow players to pause the game and then let the Wii itself take over a particularly difficult spot. Once the spot has been passed, players can re-take control of the game. Sounds like something a hardcore gamer like us would not use, but some kids, who knows.
2017/06/15 12:16:22: By DM
The Nintendo Shop Channel downloads for the week have been revealed. For the WiiWare section, we have Eduardo the Samurai Toaster, a side-scrolling action game, Rainbow Islands: Towering Adventure, another platform type game, and Let's Catch, a catch game for use with Miis. On the DSIWare side, we have Mario Calculator, and Mario Clock. Both are fairly self explanatory. For the Virtual Console, we have the arcade classic from Sega, Space Harrier. Click read more for the full info.


Nintendo's downloadable content this week features the first-ever kitchen appliance with martial arts training. Throw in some rainbows and a game of catch, and you have a pretty interesting WiiWare™ lineup. But that's not all: There are Mario-themed Nintendo DSiWare™ applications and a classic arcade game for the Virtual Console™. Let's get to the details:

2017/06/13 13:20:42: By DM
According to the website below, the box specs on the PC edition say nothing at all about a multiplayer online mode. In fact, it even says internet connection required for initial authentication only, not needed after. This is disapppointing, for sure, as usually the PC version is the one to have multiplayer since it is easy to do. (Thanks, Grady)
2017/06/12 19:06:25: By DM
Gabe Newell, the voice of Valve, has said there are "very good reasons" for not yet discussing Half-Life 2: Episode 3. Newell did not reveal just when we will get more info on the final chapter, or exactly when the game will see a release. Newell said that he can't even talk about the reason for not talking about Episode 3. Sheesh, talk about taking forever to say nothing.
2017/06/12 18:18:34: By DM
In response to low NPD sales numbers just released for the Xbox360 and the rest of the consoles, Microsoft has stated that the Xbox360 is the "only console growing in 2017." The 360 experienced a 22% year-to-date increase over 2017. Of course, the Wii and Nintendo DS are still outselling the 360, by leaps and bounds at times. According tot he long view, though, Microsoft is correct when they say that the Xbox360 has the most year-over-year resilience.
2017/06/12 17:40:17: By DM
The mystery of the Xi spaces inside the PSN HOME virtual arena has been solved. The final piece of the puzzle has been unlocked for players who are ready to discover the endgame. For the first time, today, all visitors will be able to discover the full truth about XI, Jess, and the Alpha Zones, and the Xi spaces will still be available for a few weeks. It was a long, strange, trip, for those who played, and for those who have not played yet, Sony asks that you keep spoilers to a minimum. Yeah, that'll happen.
2017/06/12 17:00:12: By DM
Even though it was only launched on April 28, 2017, the Sony Online Entertainment free-to-play MMO Free Realms has registered just over 3 million users, as of today, Friday. SOE CEO John Smedley said that the game is attracting an average of 500,000 new players per week. He also said SOE has worked on the title for a godo four years to date. As a reward, the first 3 million registrants will have access to the "3M Pet Party Pack," which contains "virtual goodies" for players' virtual pets.

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