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Project Natal Is Actually Next Xbox Console? >
2009/06/16 9:14:53: Posted by DM
This is super rumor mill for now, but it seems this tidbit is primed to explode. According to a report at 1up, the next Xbox console is actually going to be Project Natal. A new, beefed-up XBox360 console, with project Natal features and hardware built-in, is supposedly the new MS console. This would make a bit of sense, considering a few things. First, with the economy the way it is, launching a totally new hardware setup, with totally new games, would be a huge gamble. Secondly, the amount of graphical benefit that new hardware would give users would be minimal, at best, especially if you consider the law of diminishing returns. Thirdly, the future of gaming, the way ti will evolve for a while now, as we have said, is in the control and interactivity area, not the graphical and hardware power area. This would follow with Microsoft making a move like this. We tend to give this rumor some credence, folks. More info when we have it.

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Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/16

I called this in the last natal thread It does make sense, especially the way they have been wording their statements as of late.

If they take away a physical controller, they will be digging themselves a grave. I really doubt they would be that stupid.
Written by kr0niXz on 2009/06/16

This rumor has already been denied by MS. Anyone who actually thought this might true is a complete fuckin retard. As if MS would announce their next console in that manner. Stupid.
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/16

Complete fuckin retard. Funny because a couple of weeks ago a lot of people said that anyone who thought microsoft would release a motion camera and display it by having two girls video chat and try on virtual dresses would have been called that too.

Obviously microsoft is selling out hardcore, so i think you would have to be a "complete fucking retard" to completely discount this possibility.

Moving away from the hindsight 20/20 ignorant hour, i would say it is possible rumors of this are stemming from a new xbox model. Maybe not, but speculation is fun.

Although i better be careful not to upset the local genii.
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/06/16

To reiterate what everyone else says, the Xbox reps have been saying since day 1 that Natal will work with every 360 that's been sold since launch and all future 360's sold. From E3 to the terrible Jimmy Fallon show, no message has never been as crystal clear.
Written by tr1p1ea on 2009/06/17

I seriously doubt they will turn the next xbox into a dedicated eyetoy machine.
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/17

Why is that so crystal clear? Backwards compatability ring a bell? Why cant they release a stand alone natal project AND one built into a new sku (whether its a new console or a remodeling?)

Why couldn't microsoft release a dumbed down console (ala arcade sku) that utilizes natal to try and combat the wii? They could afford a low price point and possibly bring in new casual fanbase.

I see that most people on this site would like to just dismiss any thought without in any way adding any value to discussion.
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2009/06/17

@Whore Bag Hand Banana, I'm with you on this one.. if anything next or possibly this X-mas MS is going to announce an integrated Natal with the system.

On a side note: But I don't think Natal is the only thing they have in mind Kim Shane was talking about something that has better graphic than what the 360 has at the moment
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/06/17

Why would they release a new sku? When I watched the MS E3 conference and other video segments, they were making it a point to say that this is for the 360. I've seen no indication from what I've seen or read that MS plans to release a new console/sku in conjunction with NATAL. This rumor was likely started by some guy on a blog somewhere, got posted to N4G.com and has now been blown way out of proportion.
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/17

Everybody always calls the Wii a gamecube with motion control. Why wouldnt microsoft release a 360 with integrated motion control? As I said before, it may be an opportunity to attract the Wii crowd, especially if they release a cheaper model.

No one is saying this is going to happen. It is purely speculation and guess work. This is what people do.

And no one has said it wont be available for stand alone purchase for the 360..

You are seriously arguing with yourself.

If this does happen, I think B1ueBallseR is closer with a next holiday season. They way they are talking, I don't think they'll be close to finished in time for a release late this year.
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/06/17

I'm not sure what your angle is on the argument. MS denies the blog rumor, states specifically that NATAL is not the indicator of a new console, next gen or 360 revised, and that every 360 sold will work with NATAL. Speculating on internet rumors is a waste of time. (see MGS4 on 360, Mass Effect 2 on PS3)
Written by Hand Banana on 2009/06/17

I'm not really arguing, just speculations. Any arguments stem from people completely discounting a possibility. how many times have we heard from a company they they are absolutely not going to do something, just to see them actually do it. Are you so naive that youre really saying "Microsoft said they wouldnt, so of cours ehtey wont!"?

And you are wrong to say that they specifically stated all of that. they have been beating around the bush saying that Natal will not REQUIRE you to buy a new system, or that we will not be FORCED to buy a new console.

Why would they even bring those points up if they werent thinking of a new sku? This is the reason people are curious.

There has even been some static that there is a new sku design in the works akin to PSOne.

Speculating is not a waste of time when it fosters discussion and imagination. These are all relevant points and possibilities.
Written by kungfurabbit on 2009/06/17

It's called marketing. Pretty smart tactic if i do say so myself.
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