Brothers In Arms: Hell's Highway

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Written by DM on Tuesday, September 30 2008

The Brothers in Arms series has always focused less on the run and gun aspect of FPS games, and more on the strategic and tactical side of battle. Hells highway, the latest game in the series, follows suit. The major addition this time around is destructible cover. Of course, there are other additions and changes, but we will go over them later. Does all this equal a game worth buying? Let's find out.

Hells Highway tells the story of Operation Market Garden. For those who are not familiar with this part of World War II, I will give you a bit of a history lesson. After Normandy, the Allies progressed fairly quickly to the German border. When they got to Holland, they realized that the Nazis had filled Holland with veteran troops. Taking the bridges which connected Holland and Germany was going to be particularly difficult and costly in both lives and resources. In order to successfully secure bridges into Germany, Operation Market Garden was devised.

Op MarGar consisted of heavy airborne forces, which when landed, would hold the bridges until heavy armored forces could arrive within 24 hours. In terms of sheer amount of man and resources, the operation was bigger than Normandy. You would think this would make success almost inevitable, and at first it looked like that is exactly what would happen. Fortunately, for Germany, things deteriorated rapidly for the Allies, and Operation Market Garden was the last major German victory of World War II.

Matt Baker, our protagonist from the previous Brothers In Arms games, returns for the conclusion of the story. Baker is actually starting to crack up a bit after years of being shot at. The game is presented in cinematic fashion, thus making it fairly linear. There is no shortage of exciting cut scenes though, and in fact the game begins with a half interactive escape sequence that you must play through. It certainly does its job and draws you in to the game somewhat. Unfortunately, when the tutorial eventually starts, you begin to realize that maybe this game is not all that exciting.

When you play a military game these days where you have to rely on AI teammates, developers usually make allowances to make things easier. Unfortunately in Brothers In Arms, the squads that you control placement of do not perform competently unless you place them in exactly the right spot to provide cover fire and support fire. Even then, they are mediocre at best. That would not be an issue though, if the enemy were equally as incompetent -- they aren't. I digress though, let me explain exactly how the game works for those who have never played a BIA game before.

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