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Guitar Hero: Aerosmith

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Written by DM on Thursday, July 03 2008

Believe it or not, Guitar Hero: Aerosmith is not the first Aerosmith-themed video game to be released. While many of you may not remember, there was a light-gun based game called Revolution-X. There was even a breakfast cereal to accompany the game, which was on store shelves for a short time, if memory serves. The game did poor to average in the arcades (it only did so well because of the gun peripheral), and on the home consoles, well, let’s just say it did not start any revolutions.

The reason I mention this game is to help illustrate a point. Aerosmith does have experience in the video game industry, and experience in what gamers don’t want! This should have led them to understand that gamers, as a whole, enjoy familiarity. Guitar Hero: Aerosmith does feature about 15-20 Aerosmith songs. The thing is, there are only about 4-5 of these that you will instantly recognize and know the lyrics to. The rest are pre-1980 tunes, or post-2006 tunes. What happened to songs like Cryin’, and Dude Looks Like A Lady? I guess the band did not deem these anthems worthy of Guitar Hero. Instead, we get songs off their newest album that, frankly, I did not even know existed.

I’m sure you are saying, but what about the extra 12-15 songs that you can purchase in the GH:A vault? Well, guess what. Besides Walk This Way with RUN-DMC, every single song in you can purchase is more or less obscure. Totally old or extremely new, or even off band member’s solo albums. I mean if you want to put in the old and new Aerosmith songs, fine, but the songs from the solo projects of Aerosmith band members? Come on now, that’s just blatant pandering, no gamer who is not a hardcore Aerosmith fan wants to hear those. The only reason most gamers are going to play these songs is to complete the game 100%, let’s be honest.

The thing is that this attitude of band-arrogance permeates the entire game. The gig locations in the game are based on significant dates that the band played throughout their careers. From their breakup to their makeup, each set has a significance, to Aerosmith at least. On top of this, every time you complete a gig, you are treated to a video interview with different band members as to why the venue you just played was important to the band’s history. At least you can skip past the videos if you want.

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