2009/09/09 13:52:14: By DM
As we all know (or should know if you are a good gamer), today is the 10th anniversary of the Dreamcast's release here in the USA. What we here at GR consider the most underrated system of all time, the Sega Dreamcast had one of the best overall games released to good games ratio of all time. At least in our humble opinion, that is. The man who was one of the voices of the Dreamcast, Peter Moore, now at EA Sports, gives a nice retrospective on the little console that could on his blog. Check it out, and remember the DC fondly, folks.
2008/09/15 16:30:56: By DM
The ex-Sega-Microsoft-Now-EA man Peter Moore has provide a retelling of the last days of Dreamcast, as it were. He revealed that he was the one who gave the word to "can" the system. He called the 18 months of "pain, heartache, and euphoria." The system was one of our favorites here at GR, but it just never reached the critical mass to beat the PS2's impending launch.

"We were selling 50,000 units a day, then 60,000, then 100,000, but it was just not going to be enough to get the critical mass to take on the launch of PS2. It was a big stakes game. Sega had the option of pouring in more money and going bankrupt and they decided they wanted to live to fight another day. So we licked our wounds, ate some humble pie and went to Sony and Nintendo to ask for dev kits."
2008/07/30 11:10:23: By DM
It is not often we get to use our DC category here, so this is good news. Wind & Water Puzzle Battles is being released for the good old Dreamcast! The puzzle game was first released on the Korean GP2X handheld. If you order from the website in the first two weeks, you can even get your own personalized avatar programmed right into the game. Check it out, and live on, Dreamcast! You can see the game in action below.

2008/03/11 9:42:18: By DM
Sega has released a statement warning users that the Dreamcast.com site that we told you about a day or so ago is not affiliated with Sega, and is fake. They warn against supplying the site with your serial number, and Sega also claims it does not even own the domain any longer. Stay tuned.
2008/03/09 15:31:04: By DM
Holy cow, we love it when we get to use our Dreamcast category icons! It seems that Sega of Japan has updated Dreamcast.com. When you visit and click on the banner, you get a page where gamers who still own a DC (like us) can register with their console's serial number. You get an [email protected]. What Sega has planned beyond that is still unknown, but it sure is exciting! Stay tuned! (Thanks, MastaG)
2007/03/09 11:19:08: By DM
Believe it or not, there are still Dreamcast games being released. Yet another 2D Shooter, this one called Karous, hits Japanese shelves today. Dreamcast, the little console that could. We have some screens at the link as well.
2007/01/17 18:29:33: By DM
It seems that Sega is officially stopping production of GDROM discs in February. This not only means no more Dreamcast games will be made, but since they are the sole producer of the discs, it also means no more NAOMI arcade games (the machine runs on a GDROM disc, partially). Games like Ikaruga, Border Down, Puyo Puyo Fever, and even the new Dynamite Deka EX. Dreamcast Scene is asking people to petition Sega to help the GDROMs hang on a bit longer, check the link for details.
2006/11/21 10:56:13: By DM
The Dreamcast just will not go away folks. Another shooter is now slated for release on the aging console. Last Hope, as you can see by the official website, looks like a fantastic game. Check it out and never say die Dreamcast fans!

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