2009/10/20 18:11:41: By DM
Our friends over at the Vortex Gaming Competition just sent us great news . Ubisoft has signed on a sponsor for the developer game competition. They will be contributing a prize package with a value of $50,000 USD, and it includes on-on-one mentoring with industry gurus, and an opportunity for the winning game to be published on multiple platforms. Click read more for the full info.


Vortex 2009 is pleased to welcome Ubisoft as a generous sponsor for the Vortex Game Competition 2009 to be held on Nov 3-4-5, 2009. Known as the feeder to the Ontario Game Industry, The Vortex Competition is an networking event for emerging game developers and entrepreneurs. Don't miss the chance to have the opportunity to pitch your game idea and/or prototype in front of Yannis Mallat and an opportunity to meet and network with game industry leaders and the moneyman to make it happen.
2009/09/29 13:34:12: By DM
Our friends over at the Vortex Video Game Competition asked us to make our readers aware of the event, and so we are. The competition will take place on November 4 and 5, 2009. This is actually the 5th year of the event, and if you are in Canada, it is the pre-eminent gaming competition. Even aspiring game developers will have a chance to show their wares, so even if you aren't competing, check it out. It is being held in Toronto, for more info click read more.


TORONTO, ONTARIO - September 25, 2009. The McLuhan Festival of the Future announces today the official launch of The Vortex Competition which will take place on November 4 & 5, 2009. The Vortex Competition, now in its 5th year, is Canada’s pre-eminent forum that celebrates, educates, and casts a spotlight on emerging video game entrepreneurs and companies. Within the Vortex Competition, aspiring video game developers obtain the opportunity to hone their business and technical skills through educational sessions, presented by world renowned game industry leaders, in the areas of game design, development, business, finance, and marketing.
2009/09/28 16:56:18: By DM
The 2009 Tokyo Game Show was not as big of a draw as it was last year. This time around, show organizer CESA has revealed that there was a confirmed attendance of 185,030, which is 5% less than last year. Last year's attendance was 194,288 and the year before that 193,040. This fact only adds to the comments made earlier by Capcom's Inafune, who said that the Japanese game industry "is finished." We shall see. Despite this, though, the event's second day totals set a record for one-day attendance with 71, 852.

2009/09/23 22:16:28: By DM
The Sony keynote speech at TGS by Kaz Hirai is pretty much over for all intents and purposes and it was a real snoozer. We got told the motion wand is due in Spring 2010, but we already knew that via rumor and the leaked SEGA Sony meeting documents we posted yesterday. Other than that it was basically just a rehash of how well the PS3 and PSP are doing, and how ridiculously well the new PS3 SLIM is selling (1 million units in a month).
2009/07/30 15:06:26: By DM
The Leipzig Games Convention Online begins tomorrow, and anyone can use the Internet to get a good look at just what the exhibitors are showing. There will be media and demos of games that will only be available to gamers who visit the online portion of the GamesCon, with over 150 different companies in attendance. Click read more for the official info and website information.


Three days, two nights, one event: on 31 July 2009, the halls open for the world's first ever trade show for browser, client and mobile games, the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE. More than 50,000 gaming fans are expected at the Leipzig premiere. They're anticipating a huge community get-together, with presentation of the latest online games, prizes for Germany's best computer gamers and the most exciting gamer party. A total of 74 exhibitors will be here from eight countries. They are showing around 150 different games, 50 of them world or European premieres. "Online games are revolutionising the digital entertainment market. With their minimum access preconditions, they are on the march worldwide. So I'm all the more delighted that we in Leipzig are holding the GAMES CONVENTION ONLINE as the new trade show for this highly innovative industry", says Wolfgang Marzin, CEO of the Leipziger Messe.
2009/06/09 11:08:12: By DM
Ok, this goes with a huge grain of salt, as not only does the reporting website not have a reputation, but some of these supposed secret E3 announcements are pretty far fetched. Some of the items on the list include a multiplayer mode for Assassin's Creed II, but it may be DLC only. Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2 is in the cards, it seems, and the DMM and Euphoria engine has come a long way since game one. Naughty Dog still believes in Jak & Daxter, apparently, and after Uncharted 2 is done, they will bring the duo to the PS3. Monster Hunter is not in the works for PS3, only PSP or Wii, folks. Finally, Halo: ODST will come on 2 discs, one with the game, and one with all the Halo 3 DLC to date. Those are the more out-there rumors they posted, but the list is much bigger in total. Certainly take these with some serious skepticism.
2009/06/02 14:10:16: By DM
We will, of course, be streaming the Sony E3 Press Conference live for your viewing pleasure. We will also be using this news item to give you a text account of the event, for those who are at work, etc. Keep checking back here, and remember, meet us right after the Sony press conference for a podcast live wrap up of the conferences.

Jack Tretton is on stage first, talking about how Sony, like everyone else, has press leaks.

Tretton is still talking, mostly about the PS2 sales, and how the PS2 is still going strong. 22 million units of PS3 were sold in 2009.

Now Naughty Dog is taking the stage and showing off some real time Uncharted 2 action. The game certain does look great, but we have seen footage before.

Now Zipper Interactive has taken the stage in order to show of MAG, the 256-player military battle game. There are going to be 256 players online live right now to demo the title. The game looks fun, for sure, very SOCOM-esque, but that stands to reason since Zipper did the original SOCOM.

Now Tretton is talking about PSP, and we are likely to see the big news of the show -- the unveiling of the PSP GO. Now Kaz Hirai is taking the stage, still no PSP GO announcement. Ok, PSP GO has just been announced. It looks exactly like the leaks say -- slim, sleek, with a sliding screen, and it is tiny! The 16gb internal memory, BT, and WiFi, make the unit designed for downloading and playing games. That is about it, now Hirai is talking about a new software used to access the Playstation Store from the PC. It is called Media GO. The PSP GO will cost $249.99 (also $29.99 Euros), and will be released on October 1, 2009 in Europe and the US. November 1 in Japan.

Now, they are showing of Gran Turismo PSP on the PSP GO. The game is finally coming out, folks, if you believe what they say! It looks amazing, to be honest, might be worth the long wait. It is a full Gran Turismo game apparently, with cars and tracks complete. Let's hope it comes out along with the PSP GO. GT PSP should be out around the same time as PSP GO.

Now Hideo Kojima is taking the stage, probably to do a repeat of the MS conference and announce the new Metal Gear. Snake will be returning to the PSP in Metal Gear Solid: Peacewalker. The game will be set 10 years after MGS3, in the 1970s. Hideo and his team will be writing the script and making the game, and it will be a direct sequel to the MGS series, not a side-story or spin-off. It will utilize the PSP's features like WiFi and such. Now he is showing the trailer, and it looks like it will be about nuclear deterrence and the M.A.D. concept. It will be set in Latin America, Costa Rica, to be precise. It deals with the individuals who gave rise to Outer Heaven. The gameplay looks similar to what we are all used to in the MGS series, no silly card games etc. The game is set for release in 2010.

Tretton is back on stage, announcing different new PSP games like Resident Evil PSP. A trailer is showing with a montage of the games.

Tretton is now talking about PSN and PSN HOME. Nothing new here, just some sales and subscription numbers.

Now Tretton is showing a video of all the upcoming games for PS3. The montage shows games like Uncharted and Madden. Mostly things we have seen. Rockstar is coming with a new PS3 exclusive called Agent. It is set in the 1970s and deals with espionage, etc.

Not only did Final Fantasy XIII show in video form, but at the end of the trailer, Tretton announced that Final Fantasy XIV will be a Playstation 3 exclusive. Not only that, but the game would be released in 2010! He then showed the first footage of the game, it looks great as per usual with the Final Fantasy trailers that are made of mostly CG.

Not to be outdone, now Sony has announced their own motion controller. The controller looks like a microphone, actually, with a black plastic part with with a colored circle at the top. The motion stick tracks motion in real time, just about, and with things like a sword or a tennis racket, you can play any sports or fighting games. It looks like motion control is the future of gaming, folks.

After showing off Mod Racers, the new do-it-yourself interactive game, now they are showing a trailer for The Last Guardian. This is also known as Project Trico, and the video they are showing is the one you have seen if you viewed the YouTube leak. It still looks amazing, though, just like Shadow of the Colossus.

Gran Turismo 5 was shown in video form, the game will have both NASCAR and Rally Racing. Now, God Of War 3 is showing in video form as well. The game is being played by the head developers, and it looks amazing, of course. We cannot wait to get our hands on this one. God of War 3 looks great, but we will have to wait until Spring 2010! Thats the end, folks, and there is no Slim PS3 and no price drop announced.
2009/05/27 10:10:37: By DM
Macquarie Research, a game analyst firm, has revealed that they expect that Nintendo will show a new Wii Fit game, a new Mario game, and a new Zelda game, at next week's E3 Expo. The company also expects a redesigned PSP, and an Xbox630 motion controlled technology demo. All these expectations are based on rumors and supporting facts that we have reported in the past few months, so it is a bit of common sense. Time will tell if the assumptions are correct. The new PSP has us the most excited.

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