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2009/12/02 13:15:12: By DM
The European MMO publisher GOA has decided to shut down the servers for their MMO Warrior Epic. The game was meant to be on the cutting-edge of free-to-play MMOs, but the game was actually bug-riddled and unfinished. The European servers will be shutting down on December 21, 2009. The US servers will remain open for now, but that will likely not last too long. Oh well, another MMO bites the dust.
2009/12/02 11:48:14: By DM
Apparently, you can "finish" World of Warcraft technically by completing and obtaining all the achievements listed in the game's armory. That is exactly what a player named "Little Gray" from Taiwan did. There is no joke or comment we can make about how the guy likely lives in real life that is not already forming in our reader's heads, so we will refrain. All we can say is, maybe it is time to open the window shade and grab a shower, my man.
2009/11/24 14:12:05: By DM
The final two character classes in SWTOR have been revealed. The first is the Sith Inquisitor, and the second if the Jedi Consular. The Jedi Consular is a strong support class which specializes in ranged fighting skills and can become more damage dealing or more healing. The Sith Inquisitor is basically the opposite of the Consular. Another second-line support class, the Inquisitor can deal damage using force Shock and Lighting abilities. Now that all the classes are revealed, you can decide which to be for the beta!

2009/11/23 17:25:41: By DM
Blizzard has again responded to internet rumors about the release date of Diablo III. The game will not be coming out next year, and that's a promise, folks. Blizzard only releases games when they are ready, and does not respond to pressure from anyone, that much we have learned over the years, folks. This time, they are not even going to announce it too early, like usual. Oh well.
2009/11/23 12:04:43: By DM
This is not necessarily news, but it is one of the coolest things we have ever seen. Someone has made a Back to the Future mode for Crysis on PC. The Delorean looks awesome, and at 88 MPH, the car does indeed disappear and leave the fire tracks. You gotta see the vid below!

2009/11/20 16:38:10: By DM
Blizzard has let Starcraft fans know what there is a whole slew of new game info posted on the official website. The beta is not even set to start until next year, and yet the storyline for the single player mode is posted, as well as the multiplayer map designs. You can start planning those sleepless nights right now!
2009/11/12 16:17:31: By DM
Square has revealed two more character classes for Final Fantasy XIV. They are Gladiators and Pugilists. For those who played FFXI online, Gladiators are like warriors, and Pugilists are like monks. For those who did not play FFXI, Gladiator are a close-combat melee type class, who fight with weapons and swords. Pugilists are also close combat melee types, except these guys use hand-to-hand combat techniques, as well as brass knuckles and claws. You get the idea. Check the official site for images and info.
2009/11/12 11:36:58: By DM
We told you yesterday that the Starcraft II beta would not begin until late 2010, most likely. Well, now we have word that Diablo III will not be close to launch until 2011, at least. A presentation by Blizzard today in NY by Activision Blizzard chief Thomas Tippl included a slide that showed the coming year's roadmap. Diablo III was listed at 2011 at the soonest, and the new revamped Battle.net and Warcraft: Cataclysm, would not launch until well into 2010. Looks like at least a year or so before we see any big Blizzard releases. Oh well.

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