2009/03/13 15:15:44: By DM
Nokia has launched the official website for the new Nokia N85 cell phone. SO what, you ask? What does it have to do with gaming? Well, the N85 actually comes pre-loaded with 15 nGage games, ready to play out of the box. If you check the website you can see which games are included, and you can try them all before you buy. Now, the games seem like they are on par with iPhone graphics, but as for play, well, you have to decide that.
2008/09/22 11:57:51: By DM
Capcom has revealed that they plan to release a new Resident Evil game on the Nokia N-gage. The game is going to be released to tie-in with the upcoming RE CGI movie. Resident Evil Degeneration will be based on the film, it seems, and helps illustrate the developer's promise to be committed to the mobile platform in the future.

"We believe that the platform is an excellent home for some of our most famous franchises and our dedication to quality and creative thinking has seen us create a unique game with stunning visuals and in-depth gameplay, never before seen on the mobile," commented Takeshi Tezuka, general manager for Capcom's mobile division.
2007/12/21 17:08:48: By DM
Nokia has announced yet another delay in the new nGage hardware roadmap. The unit was originally scheduled for a November release. The pre-release version, delayed into December, was going to work only on Nokia N81 or N81 8GB phones and was to feature one or more games. Well, now Nokia has this to say:

"Unfortunately, as can sometimes happen in software development, unexpected difficulties can occur. We have been doing an internal run with more than 1,000 global testers this week, and during this process we uncovered an issue we feel we need to address."

Oh well.

2007/08/29 22:10:16: By vividbreeze
The N-Gage is a mobile telephone and handheld game system based on the Nokia Series 60 platform and it started selling back in 2003. Shortly after it became a total disaster. Nokia announced that it would move its N-Gage games capabilities onto a series of smartphones. These devices and games will be available in November 2007. Click read more for full press release.


London, UK - Life just got more entertaining with the new N-Gage mobile gaming service. The service allows you try all N-Gage games for free from any one of the tens of millions of compatible Nokia devices in the market. Once hooked, you can conveniently download and buy a game on your device or PC and continue the fun. You can also share the fun by connecting instantly with friends, challenging players around the world, and participating in community activities in the N-Gage Arena.
2007/08/27 9:02:42: By vividbreeze
Nokia and Capcom are teaming up to publishing games for Nokia's N-Gage phones in 2008. Nokia is a world leader in mobile communications and Capcom is a leading worldwide developer, the two should make a great team. Hopefully we can see some good ol Street Fighter games or a new IP. Click read more for full press release.


August 27, 2007 - Nokia and Capcom today revealed that Capcom will be publishing games on N-Gage, Nokia’s next generation mobile gaming platform, in 2008. Capcom is the first Japanese based publisher to show their commitment to N-Gage, which makes its global debut later this year, ushering in a new era for games on mobile devices.
2007/03/06 13:56:42: By DM
GI spoke with Antoine Doumenc, the head of Global Sales for the gaming division of Nokia. He is happy to speak at length about the brand new next-gen nGage, as well as Nokia's mobile partner lineup. Companies like EA Mobile, THQ Wireless, Glu Mobile, Gameloft and Indiagames, have all pledged support for the cellular based handheld gaming unit.
2007/02/05 9:05:00: By DM
It seems that Nokia will indeed be launching a new nGage unit this coming year. In September, the company will launch the nGage 2, along with support from EA and Gameloft. With a backer like EA, the unit may actually do well.
2005/11/25 15:49:39: By DM
Nokia has finally released a statement claiming the the n-Gage was a (partial) failure. The focus of Nokia mobile will be shifted to music and movies, and the n-Gage will be gradually phased out, with no new models planned. They are going to integrate the things they have learned from the n-Gage into their new Series 60 phones. All we can say is, finally!


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