2009/07/07 18:01:57: By DM
Konami is going to rid PES 2010 of the pesky and much-hated Konami online IDs. According to a French site, who claims to have heard this from Konami themselves, the online games will now be hosted directly on PSN and XBL servers. This should help with the lag as well. Let's hope it is all true.
2009/05/08 13:57:31: By DM
The president of Sony Ericsson has re-lit the fires of the Playstation Cell Phone rumor with his latest statement, it seems. Hideki Komiyama told the Financial Times that they had failed to stay on top of technological developments in the mobile business, and a PlayStation brand mobile "could happen." Sony's Walkman and Cybershot brands have already been integrated into its phones, why not PlayStation?
2009/04/24 12:43:38: By DM
The Apple App store has reached their goal of 1 billion downloads. Apple recently ran a promotion to see how long it would take users to rack up download beyond the billion mark, and it only took 13 days. Apple says "thanks a billion," as you can see by their website, and everyone is waiting for the announcement of who downloaded that golden 1 billionth app. We cannot imagine how many users downloaded that extra app or two just in case they were number 1,000,000,000. Apple's marketing team comes through again.

2009/04/14 17:10:08: By DM
It seems that Microsoft may be planning to expand the Halo universe to mobile phones. It stands to reason, mobile phones are the hot new platform of the minute that developers are scrambling to jump on board. The speculation comes from a recent job posting that alluded to the fact that the Halo franchise studio is looking for a software engineer to blend "console, web, and mobile," to create a Halo world that can follow fans wherever they go. Rumor mill for now, but we can only imagine what will show up on our phones in a few months.
2009/03/18 16:31:27: By DM
Apple has announced the feature set of the new iPhone 3.0 OS, and much of it seems to be geard towards gaming. The new update will include, among other things, paid-for app updates, and p2p Bluetooth connections. Of course, the cut, copy, and paste features being added will likely be the number one welcomed feature, the inclusion of the gaming features means that developers can start releasing add-ons and downloads for their games, and charge for them. There was even a preview of The Sims 3 for the iPhone, where users will be able to buy virtual items from the store, individually. Not to mention the fact that p2p Bluetooth connectivity will allow users to play head to head against anyone else in the vicinity with an iPhone 3.0, which is just about everyone these days.
2009/02/03 15:03:25: By DM
It was reported today that mobile game downloads increased 17% in November 2008 compared to November the year before. The advent of smartphone in the last year is responsible for a big part of this, it seems. Last year, no smartphones appeared on the top 10 mobile gaming devices list. This year, 6 out of 10 spots on that same list are smartphones. Of course, the leader of the pack is the ridiculously popular iPhone, which alone accounted for 14% of the growth.
2009/01/22 11:37:11: By DM
Konami has announced the release of two popular franchise games for iPhone and other mobiles. Silent Hill: The Escape is now available, complete with original gameplay. Dance Dance Revolution S Lite is also available for download on the mobile platform, but this one is designed for the iPhone and iPod Touch only. This is due to the touch screen gameplay interface. Click read more for the full info.


EL SEGUNDO, Calif. - Jan. 22, 2009 - Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced the release of Silent Hill: The Escape and DanceDanceRevolution S Lite, now available in North America for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Based on top-selling franchises, these titles have been re-designed to take full advantage of the iPhone's capabilities, including the innovative Multi-Touch Interface™ and accelerometer.
2009/01/19 16:59:11: By DM
Rumors have been floating around the net for a while now about a Playstation phone, but it looks like the project has been killed by Sony. According to reports, Sony has refused its mobile division use of the Playstation brand. Sony Ericsson had indeed put forward a proposal for a PS Phone, but Sony executives said no in December. It seems they were worried about hurting the Playstation brand with the inferior power of cell phone processors, thus making sub-par Playstation branded games. Smart move.

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