2009/10/03 21:47:35: By DM
EA continues its plan to turn major video game franchises into movies with Spore. The CG movie will now feature Ice Age's Chris Wedge as the director. Spore will be the sixth game that EA has announced for the Hollywood treatment in the last year or so. Wedge also directed the 2005 CG film Robots, which was not a box office smash, per se, but it was one of our favorites here at GR.
2009/09/30 22:39:52: By DM
The fourth Resident Evil movie, now called Afterlife, will be show in 3D. This is the official word from director Paul W.S. Anderson. The movie has just begun principal photography, so don't expect it for at least a year, but when it does come, make sure you have those glasses ready.
2009/09/16 18:16:16: By DM
Even though the first movie was one of the better game converts to come out of Hollywood, the Silent Hill offering was still not that great. That fact does not matter, apparently, since there will now be a sequel. It was pretty much inevitable, we suppose, the way Hollywood works these days. The movie is set to begin production next year after the fourth Resident Evil movie wraps. Yes, we are getting a new RE movie as well, but we all knew that already.

2009/08/24 18:15:52: By DM
Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, the director who did 28 Weeks Later, will take over directing duties for the upcoming Bioshock movie. Gore Verbinski, the famed Pirates of the Caribbean director, stepped down over financial and scheduling issues. Verbinski is staying on as a producer, but Fresnadillo is now the head man on set. Hopefully we will get some actual images to see soon.
2009/07/27 11:28:07: By DM
For those who are unaware, Metal Gear Solid Philanthropy is a fanmade Metal Gear movie based on the works of Hideo Kojima. It looks amazing for a fan made movie. The budget must be thousands.
2009/07/23 16:19:12: By DM
Don't get excited just yet, Rockstar still remains pessimistic on the chances of a Grand Theft Auto film. They are not interested in making a "quick buck out of a substandard product." Good idea, we think. Despite this statement, though, Dan Houser from Rockstar said that if there ever is a GTA film done, it would only be possible if Rockstar retained full creative control. That way if it stunk, at least it would only be Rockstar's fault. This may be a quasi-advertisement to anyone in Hollywood who wants to pitch a GTA film. Rockstar may be saying if you come to us and give us control, we may give it the green light. That's just our 0.02, though.
2009/06/25 15:56:51: By DM
This is hardly game news, but a chance to lookup images of both Jolie and Fox in one article? You know that's a no brainer. According to the Hollywood buzz, Angelina Jolie is piping mad because the rumor mill is suggesting that Megan Fox is being considered for the next Lara Croft role. SHe is also "annoyed because she thinks Megan copies everything from her, from her tattoos to her style," the source says. Sssssssssssssssssss. Ouch. Everyone has a younger, better, hotter, you, especially in Hollywood Angelina. It's the golden rule.
2009/05/20 10:53:13: By DM
The producer of the new Terminator Salvation film, Dan Lin, is also producing a new Tomb Raider movie. The movie will be the origin story of Lara, and it will star a new Lara Croft, although no one has been cast yet for the busty lead. "It's not full-on action. It's like Terminator, it's character-driven action," he said. "For me, the Lara Croft games and movies have gone a little too action-oriented. I want it to have action, but with character."

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