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2008/03/19 7:19:20: By vividbreeze
IMDB has confirmed a few characters in the upcoming movie Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li . The movie is set to hit theaters sometime in 2009. Click the link to view more information about the movie.

Kristin Kreuk ... Chun-Li
Michael Clarke Duncan ... Balrog
Chris Klein ... Nash
Rick Yune ... Gen
2008/03/14 11:49:14: By DM
Sony Pictures Entertainment revealed about a year ago that it would be turning the MGS series into a movie. Sony then went silent.. until now apparently. ComingSoon has broken the silence and revealed that the director of the cult favorite Christian Bale movie Equilibrium, Kurt Wimmer, is going to be heading up the MGS movie project. Good news for us all, especially since Uwe is far-uwe! Ha.
2008/02/18 9:00:33: By DM
Toshiba, the group who led the HD DVD charge, has released a statement to say that the format is far from dead, and that no decisions on the future of HD DVD have been made. Of course, anyone with eyes and ears can see that Sony may have its first truly successful format ever with Blu-Ray.

2008/02/16 7:57:40: By vividbreeze
On May 22, Indiana Jones is back in a new globe-trotting adventure, "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull." Click the link to view the trailer either in 480p/720p/1080p.
2008/02/12 16:02:48: By vividbreeze
Streamline Studios and Black Hole Recordings Form Streamline Sound will provide full service audio solutions for digital entertainment. Black Hole Recordings back-catalogue will be available for use in games, including the creations of Tiësto. Click read more for full press release.

AMSTERDAM, Netherlands – February 12, 2008 – Streamline Studios, an independent game developer and leading digital content provider for AAA videogames, and Black Hole Recordings, a leading electronic music record label, announced today the formation of Streamline Sound, a joint venture dedicated to providing sound solutions for digital entertainment. Streamline Sound combines Streamline’s existing audio services and 5.1 studio with the entire artist roster and catalog of Black Hole Recordings, including Grammy-nominated electronic music superstar Tiësto, as well as a large number of independent composers and musicians.
2008/02/07 6:40:04: By vividbreeze
Paramount Pictures is now on Facebook! Join the fan page and you’ll stay up-to-date on all the latest film content, contests, sweepstakes, job opportunities, news and information from Paramount, DreamWorks Studios, MTV Films and Nickelodeon Movies. You’ll also be able to connect with other fans and talk about all of our upcoming films on the message board.
2008/01/04 16:50:45: By DM
Another shot has been fired in the Blu-Ray / HD-DVD war. Warner Brothers has decided to go exclusively Blu-Ray. They will phase out HD-DVD production in by May. In Europe and the US, reports say that Blu-Ray is outselling HD-DVD by a substantial margin, although Paramount and DreamWorks are still HD-DVD exclusive.

"The window of opportunity for high-definition DVD could be missed if format confusion continues to linger," said Warner chairman and CEO Barry Meyer. "We believe that exclusively distributing in Blu-ray will further the potential for mass market success and ultimately benefit retailers, producers, and most importantly, consumers."
2007/11/02 17:14:30: By DM
Some details from the upcoming Tekken movie have been revealed, and SDTekken has them. We can pretty much guess what this movie wil lbe like as of now, but it will be fun to watch what really happens.

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