2009/10/13 12:15:00: By DM
China's General Administration of Press and Publication (GAPP), has issued a new notice that states online games should be (read: MUST BE) pre-approved and obtain and internet publishing license before they can be released in China. This new notice also says that foreign game investors will be prohibited form investing in China-based online games as sole-owners, joint venture partners, or co-op partners. They will no longer be allowed to control or be involved in domestic gaming operations through networks for users registration, account supervision, or game card systems. Basically what this means is that any foreign money cannot make money in China with games unless they are granted several special licenses and exemptions from GAPP. This is likely an attempt to tighten the hold on the Chinese internet which, as of late, has been getting more and more out of control with all the foreign MMO games being released in China. How this will affect companies like Blizzard, who operate WoW in China, we are not sure. The law will also apply to games being exported FROM China, which means companies trying to make money abroad will have a much harder time. It is an attempt by the Chinese government to make sure China makes its own money, and it stays in China. Not necessarily a bad thing, folks. We need a bit more of that here in America.
2009/10/06 18:21:23: By DM
The annual list of the top 20 game publishers has been posted. The top publisher, of course, is Nintendo. EA ended up being the runner-up yet again, it has been the position that EA holds now since Nintendo took over the #1 spot. Activision Blizzard is next, followed by Ubisoft, Take Two, and SCE. The rest of the list is at the link.
2009/09/29 18:37:04: By DM
Age Of Conan developer Funcom has announced it is cutting 20% of its staff. This will result in a delay of "several months" for the upcoming MMO The Secret World. The Secret World has no release date, but a 2011 launch now looks likely. The game has occult, conspiracy-themed storylines, set in a contemporary world. The game is penned by Dreamfall creator Ragnar Tornquist, and Dreamfall is one of the best game stories ever written, in our humble opinion. Let's hope the game does not get canceled altogether.

2009/09/23 14:39:35: By DM
The rumor about Microsoft buying out EA has surfaced again, this time published by TheStreet. The rumors are driving the EA stock up, almost a 5% increase already. Who knows, maybe it was started by EA themselves. Citing trader information, a Reuters report said that there was "unsubstantiated talk" that Microsoft is interested in buying the game developer and publisher. If this really were to happen, can you imagine if EA games no longer appeared on any system but the XBox360? That would more or less make Microsoft the clear winner, at least in the US, and possibly Europe. We doubt this will happen, though, rumor mill for now. (Thanks, Faceless)
2009/09/09 17:56:14: By DM
Warner Brothers today stated it has founded DC Entertainment, a new company that will encompass all the DC Comics licenses that Warner owns. This new company will also be tasked with leveraging the DC properties more effectively for games, movies, and other media. This means they are going to try to make DC as popular as Marvel when it comes to games and movies. Not necessarily a bad thing, but they need to keep finding non-cheesy heroes like Hellblazer (Constantine).
2009/09/08 10:45:08: By DM
One of the founders of Bungie, Alex Seropian, as we reported a while back, started Wideload Games in 2004. Well, now Disney is continuing its video game buying spree, and they are acquiring Wideload Games. Disney is trying to become a "magnet in this [the game] industry for talent," according to general manager of Disney Graham Hopper. Between this and the Marvel acquisition, we should see some new IP in terms of games within the next year.
2009/09/04 11:45:19: By DM
Well, after a six months fight for life, it seems the developer called BottleRocket has breathed its last breath. If you remember, the developer was tasked to work on the new Splatterhouse game, when Namco suddenly took it away from them and moved it in-house. Namco claimed this was due to missed deadlines and poor performance, although BottleRock denied it. It looks as if this move ended up killing the dev, though, as they really had nothign else to work on. They had signed a new deal with Brash, but then Brash went belly up as well. The company head Jay Beard is currently in the process of building a new studio, but will remember the seven years at BattleRocket fondly. We wish them luck.
2009/09/02 11:59:52: By DM
The official website for the recently-announced sequel to Ninety Nine Nights is now open. The website features screenshots, as well as a new trailer for the game. Things look similar to the first game, with a lot more polish.

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