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Written by DM on Friday, November 14 2008

Gears of War is always going to be a huge seller, that goes without saying. That does not necessarily mean the game is the end-all be-all of shooters, though. Today, we take a look at Gears of War 2, the second game in what is rumored to be a trilogy, although Cliffy B., one of the Gears heads over at Epic, warns not to call the game franchise a “trilogy,” as nothing has been officially decided for Gears 3 yet (yeah, right).

The story in Gears of War 2 picks right up where the story of the previous Gears title left off, more or less. You play as, who else, the lovable Marcus Fenix, who, with partner Dom, defends the last human city, Jacinto, from Locust attacks. The previous game’s master plan to wipe out the bugs did not work, and they have regrouped and returned, stronger than ever. In order to counter this, you and the rest of the COG army are ordered to take the fight down under, literally. The game is basically the attack of the Locust’s underground home, and your attempt to wipe them out once and for all. Of course, along the way, the story takes a much different turn. I will leave it here, though, no spoilers. One thing that I must say is that anyone who thinks a shooter cannot be linear and have a great story at the same time, needs to take a lesson from Gears of War 2. The plot is compelling enough that you really don’t mind that there is only one path to proceed upon.

The gameplay mechanics in GoW2 are literally identical to the original game, as was to be expected. There are some additions of weapons and items, but there is only one standout gameplay addition that is worth mentioning – the meat shield. You can now grab an almost-dead enemy, and use him as a bullet shield while you utilize your pistol skills to dispatch the other baddies. You can also crawl towards your teammates for a minute or so before you die, to make it easier for them to revive you. You can even tap the A button while doing so in order to crawl a bit faster, if the Locusts are coming. Other than that, the gameplay is untouched.

The graphics in Gears of War 2 are pretty much the best you are going to get on the Xbox360 right now. There is graphical lag at times, but the action is so intense at those points you really do not have time to notice, with one glaring exception. At one point towards the end, there is fire all around you, and then enemies swarm you. The slowdown gets a bit hairy at that point. Otherwise, the game is the perfect example of what the Unreal Engine 3.0 can do on the current consoles.

The sound is pretty much identical, melody-wise, to the first Gears game here, with the same effects, voice-overs, and soundtrack. The music is done better in this one, though, because it really swells up at the points in the story that are critical. It makes for a much more immersive atmosphere, actually. Epic learned a bit form the first game, and placed more emphasis on the soundtrack.

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