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2009/12/15 14:32:18: By DM
To put the internet naysayers to rest, Bungie has reaffirmed that the Halo: Reach trailer is indeed from the game itself. The game looks so much better than previous Halo games, many claimed it was not actual game footage. Bungie says it does, though. Then again, they said it was from the game "for all intents and purposes." A bit ambiguous, to say the least. Check it out below.

2009/12/11 15:30:26: By DM
Aaron Greenberg, the Xbox man over at Microsoft, claims that Halo: Reach will be the biggest game of 2010. He even dismissed Gran Turismo 5 as competition. He joked about GT launching next year, as we all know it has been oft-delayed. He said "I've seen years and years of mini-games, but I haven't seen that the game is done. They just released the PSP version - maybe that's what they've been working on. I feel confident that there's nothing that will compare in size. Halo: Reach will be the biggest game of 2010." Them's fightin' words, yee haw!
2009/12/11 12:52:34: By DM
The Javelin glitch for the Xbox360 version of Modern Warfare 2 will be patched today, folks. The patch was submitted to MS a few days ago by Infinity Ward for approval, and it passed certification a little while ago. That means that it should go live any time now, as it was set for Friday morning in PST time. Keep an eye out.

2009/12/10 19:07:11: By DM
Microsoft has changed their minds and decided to allow those under 18 to access Facebook, Twitter, and the other social networking features that the Xbox360 provides. Right now, this has only taken effect in Europe, but the Major (Nelson) himself ensures us that it will be for the US as well very soon. Remember kids, you will have to make sure to check remember me when you login, or you will need parental permission every time.
2009/12/09 15:49:43: By DM
Rare has finally narrowed down the release date for the Perfect Dark remix that is going to be hitting XBox Live Arcade. Now the date is set for Winter 2010, which means early in the year. The twitter post also says "stop moaning." Fun.
2009/12/08 10:15:42: By DM
Alan Wake is still chugging along nicely, it seems. As you can see from the video below, the game not only looks great, but it is packed with action. Some are still saying the game will never be released, but we think it will see the light of day in mid-2010.

2009/12/04 23:34:41: By DM
Just a quick heads up for those who play Modern Warfare 2 on the XBox360. The updates include in the 1.06 patch have been submitted to the folks over at Microsoft by Infinity Ward. This means as soon as they approve it, it will be available for download. Let's hope soon. (Thanks, Hothitter)
2009/12/01 10:18:43: By DM
Ubisoft has revealed that they have 10 titles or so in the works for Microsoft's upcoming motion control system, Project Natal. The Ubisoft CEO, Yves Guillemot, told investors last night in a conference call that the majority of its motion titles are casual games, and motion technology may be incorporated into some other regular releases, at least in some capacity. Sounds like Natal will have some great software support at launch.

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