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2008/10/09 0:06:03: By DM
The date for the new OS Experience on the Xbox360 is November 19, 2008. The MS TGS 08 press conference revealed the date. Don't worry if you have purchased themes and other items to customize your current Xbox360 dashboard. According to MS, the themes and such will still work, they will just be displayed in a different, quasi-3D format.
2008/10/08 22:54:36: By DM
The new Halo game is being debuted now at the conference. The game will be called Halo 3 Recon, and it will feature a brand new hero. Along with the new hero comes an all-new campaign. Sounds like Halo 3 and a half to us! The game will also include new multiplayer maps.
2008/10/08 22:52:07: By DM
Another bit of new from the Microsoft TGS press conference, 99 Nights 2 is going to be an XBox360 exclusive. No real surprise there, but we hope the game is tweaked a bit from the first one.

2008/10/08 14:37:53: By DM
In case you missed it, three new XBL Arcade games debuted today. We told you about MLB Stickball, of course. There is also a Tenchu game, a top down stealth-strategy type title, and a music game Beat N' Groovy, which is a DDR clone.
2008/10/08 12:00:47: By DM
According to Xbit Labs, Microsoft is prepping an external Blu-Ray drive for the Xbox360 console. Unlike Toshiba, who is still anti-Blu-Ray, MS is adapting, it seems. It is rumored that the product will cost between $100-$150 USD, and the device will be manufactured by Toshiba-Samsung Storage Technology Corp., a joint venture between Samsung Electronics and Toshiba Corp. Time will tell, but this is certainly a smart move by MS.
2008/10/08 11:57:18: By DM
GameTrailers has a great HD post of a long walkthrough of the new Banjo Kazooie game. As you can see, the game looks great, and with its unique vehicle-building theme, it should play great as well. Check it out.
2008/10/07 16:27:46: By DM
Along with the news that the downloadable content will be exclusive tot he Xbox360 for Tomb Raider Underworld, MTV Multiplayer blog also discovered another exclusive tidbit. Apparently, there will be no playable demo of TRU on the PS3. As for a PC demo, there was no word given by Eidos or MTV. Why the demo was included in the exclusivity deal, we are not sure, but it seems MS wanted to make the content truly exclusive.
2008/10/07 15:10:14: By DM
Just a heads up, as we told you previously, the first XBLA game from 2K Games, MLB Stickball, will be available tomorrow, October 8. No word on pricing yet, check back here for the info when it is available.

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