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2008/09/30 13:11:44: By DM
MS is claiming that the sales of the Xbox360 have doubled over the past two weeks, outselling the PS3 two-to-one in Europe. According to the charts, it seems Euro sales have increased 214% in the past 14 days. This is directly because of the price cuts. Click read more for the full info.


LONDON - 30 September 2008 - New figures announced today by ChartTrack saw sales of the Microsoft® Xbox 360 increase by 214% in the last two weeks[1], outselling Sony’s PlayStation 3 by more than two-to-one and reaffirming its strong momentum in Europe in the wake of its recent reduction in estimated retail price (ERP).
2008/09/30 10:21:32: By DM
According to Peter Molyneux, the man at the head of the Lion-head, so to speak, has stated that the parts of Fable II that are co-op were only really possible using Xbox Live. He claims to "love Live," and that the service has not even been fully exploited yet. We will see in just a few short weeks if he was right.

"What I would say, and this is not just me being the good company man, I'd say the thing I love about the 360 more than anything is nothing to do with the hardware, it's all to do with LIVE. LIVE is still underexploited for a game mechanic. Some of the stuff in Fable II we're doing with co-op is only possible because of the way that LIVE is structured. I love playing around with that stuff as a designer. Whereas PS3 doesn't seem to be quite so mature on that side. They haven't got quite the same infrastructure and service but, you know, yeah, I'd love to get games on every platform."
2008/09/29 16:44:44: By DM
The infamous Cliffy B. over at Epic, the voice of Gears of War, says he has no plans to repeat what Denis Dyack of Silicon Knights did with his Too Human title, and respond to the internet flamers in person. Cliff maintains that "if you do a good enough job, your fans will come to your aid and defend you." He is absolutely right.

"You have to have thick skin to be in this business and be some sort of public figure," he explained. "I think one needs to be very careful when dealing with those kinds of criticisms on the Internet, because you're never going to fully get rid of it."

Even we learned this, may be Denis needs a lesson again.

2008/09/29 12:10:44: By DM
A new R-Type game, South Park, and the new Portal game we all heard about at E3 are all coming to Xbox Live Arcade before the end of the year. The New R-Type game, called R-Type Dimensions, is in development at Tozai, the creators of R-Type Tactics for PSP. No word on what type of game it will be exactly.

"At E3, we committed to re-focusing the Xbox LIVE Arcade business, vowing to release bigger and better games while focusing on quality and not quantity," said Xbox Live boss Marc Whitten.
2008/09/26 9:41:27: By DM
According to Marty O'Donnell, Bungie's Audio Director, smaller game studios face hard times if they cannot get some sort of return on the pre-owned game market. O'Donnell said that he is sure used games had an impact on Halo sales, although how much, he is not sure. He is an advocate of creating a digital system for used games, that is "fair to both consumers and developers." O'Donnell joins a growing faction of developers who are unhappy with pre-owned game sales, although Gamestop does significant pre-owned business, as they have reported in the past. Stay tuned, we will see who wins out in the end.
2008/09/25 12:34:15: By DM
For those who missed it, the XBLA version of the PSX shooter Vigilante 8 has finally been approved for sale on the XBLA by Microsoft. The game was originally slated for release this Summer, but the game ran into certification issues and had to be reworked. Now it is ready to go, apparently. Expect a specific date soon.
2008/09/25 12:28:29: By DM
Even though MS has apparently pulled the press release that contained this info, we bring it to you nonetheless. On November 26, the original Banjo Kazooie will be available on Xbox Live. The price will be 1200 MS points, and the game will be available free to those who pre-order the new Kazooie game, Nuts & Bolts. The second original Kazooie game, Banjo Tooie, will be available sometime in 2009.
2008/09/24 12:51:36: By DM
Today, the third video documentary from Gears of War 2 will be released. The new video "Delta Blues," provides an inside look at the members of Delta Squad. Click read more for the full info.


LONDON – 24 September 2008 - Today, Microsoft releases “Delta Blues,” the third instalment in a series of video documentaries that showcase the development of “Gears of War 2.”

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