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2008/09/16 17:05:29: By DM
As many speculated on the net, the glitch in the recently-released Fable 2 pub games was indeed intentional. Peter Molyneux, the man at the head of it all, told IGN that cheaters will be punished when they begin their game, and that the glitch, which allowed beta to be increased by ten without penalty, was entirely intentional. The games themselves are pretty horrid, but those who did end up cheating will have a surprise waiting for them in-game. We cannot imagine that the surprise is anything too hard to overcome, though, so if you still want to start with much gold (assuming they do not take it away from you or start you with with negative 1 million gold), you can always do the Xbox360 HDD cache reset and update clear, posted by GR originally, actually.
2008/09/16 10:26:06: By DM
The demo for Mercenaries 2 is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. The demo weighs in at 1.2gb, so it is on the large side. Grab it now, or when u get home, it should help those who are on the fence decide.
2008/09/16 10:16:47: By DM
Cryptic Studios, the developers behind the ambition console MMO Champions Online, has decided that IBM will power the servers which host the game for players. Cryptic has experience in the MMO arena, so we can assume they have chosen the right hardware for the job. Then again, this will be the first real massive Xbox Live-based MMO. Click read more for the full info.


ARMONK, NY – September 15, 2008 – Cryptic Studios™, a leading independent developer of massively-multiplayer online role playing games, has chosen IBM (NYSE:IBM) servers to power its highly anticipated massively multiplayer online (MMO) action game, Champions Online™, being published by 2K Games and developed for PC and consoles.

2008/09/16 9:48:41: By DM
Tomorrow's releases on the Xbox Live Arcade are pretty boring, if you ask us. Domino Master and Feeding Frenzy 2 will be the full game releases for 800 MS points each. On top of that, there will be Ticket To Ride download content available for 400 MS points.
2008/09/16 6:00:28: By HoTHiTTeR
In a total about-face from yesterday, Microsoft Executive Neil Thompson has come forth to reveal new price cuts for the Xbox 360 console in Europe. While the Arcade will hold steady at 179.99 Euros, the 60GB console will drop to 239.99 Euros, and the Elite will round out the group at a 299.99 Euro price point.
2008/09/15 23:02:00: By DM
GamerTM posted a supposed picture of an upcoming Woolworths catalog flyer which lists new Xbox360 prices at £129, £169, and £229 for the three Xbox360 SKUs, respectively. According to GamerTM, these prices will be rolled out next week during some sort of MS event. Well, both MS and Woolworths have come out to deny these rumors and quash the report. The US and Japanese markets have already received price cuts, so a European cut seems inevitable, but as for an event, it looks like definitely not.
2008/09/15 14:22:21: By DM
The new Lime Green Limited Edition XBox360 pad being released next month by Microsoft will feature the enhanced dpad that everyone is talking about -- except Microsoft, that is. Surprisingly, they have released the new controller with little, if any, fanfare, which is confusing considering it is one of the only gripes gamers have with the 360 pad. Eurogamer actually got one of the new pads and takes it through the motions. The games they use are not programmed to use the new 32-direction input that the pad sports, so their tests are strictly hardware based, which is good for existing games.
2008/09/11 10:00:04: By DM
Just a heads up in case you missed it this morning, the demo for FIFA 09 is now available on the Xbox Live Marketplace. It weights in at 740mb, not that big, so grab it when you get home. Like the other EA demos, this one shows off some of the new special features included in this year's game.

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