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2009/12/16 10:38:07: By DM
Good news for Sony. Famitsu is reporting that the PS3 has cracked the 4 million units sold threshold in Japan. As of December 13, 2009, there were 4,020,563 units of the Sony game console sold. Congrats to Sony, a nice Holiday present.
2009/12/14 13:32:35: By DM
An SCE exec has once again used the term "monthly" and "fee" when talking about PSN. In a recent interview with Nikkei Japan, the SCE technology platform boss Masayuki Chatani said that the company will "face difficulties" if it becomes dependent on the "sell-and-forget" model. He went on to say that servers have running costs, and because of this, Sony can "accept payment in a growing number of ways. In addition to single-payment packaged software, there are also schemes like monthly fees or per-item charges. I think this variety of payment methods will bring about a diverse range of playing methods, too." You read it, MONTHLY FEES. It's coming, folks.
2009/12/11 13:23:11: By DM
The director of development over at Sony, John Hight, has confirmed that God of War 3 is essentially complete. The beta-testing phase has now begun. This means the game is likely going to make its Spring 2010 release date, so that's good news.

2009/12/10 11:56:41: By DM
Microsoft has Project Natal, and Sony, apparently, has Gem. EA CEO John Riccitiello may have slipped up while speaking at a conference in NYC this morning, and named the Sony Motion Controller. At the UBS 37th annual Global Media Conference, he mentioned Natal, and then mentioned something called "Gem" from Sony. Rumor mill for now, but this could be it.

UPDATE: It will not be called Gem, sorry old 80s cartoon fans. SCEA Director of Communications, Patrick Seybold on record on Kotaku said Gem was "an early code name for the product," We haven't announced final name at this point."
2009/12/08 16:05:11: By DM
A new patent filed by Sony which pertains to the new motion control system that they debuted at E3. These peripherals will expand the functionality of the wand, apparently. You can see images at the link, which implies that the motion controller will be used with all types of games. Looks interesting, folks.
2009/12/04 16:19:45: By DM
More Uncharted news today from Naughty Dog. The third and fourth installment in the Eye of Indra Uncharted motion comic series will be available today on the PSN. If you were too busy with Thanksgiving, you may have missed episode 2, which was released last week. Grab all three and catch up with the great prequel story.
2009/12/04 12:06:40: By DM
Naughty Dog is planning an experiment for the online mode of Uncharted 2 this weekend. Based on a community poll, the developer has decided to lower the player health to 65% for all game types. This is what the health is set to on the crushing difficulty level, except all powerups will still be enabled. Naughty Dog wants to hear from you about this change after the experiment is over, so make sure to post in their forums.
2009/12/03 11:42:08: By DM
Because last year's GT Academy was such a success, SCE is going to do it again. The GT Academy 2010 will be available for download on December 17, 2010. If you do well enough, you never know where it might lead. Last year, Lucas Ordonez of Spain went on to drive the Nissan PlayStation race team and take second place in the GT4 championships! Exciting!

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