2008/08/14 16:33:25: By DM
The PS3's high price point is apparently not because of what the machine can do, but what it eventually will do, says Scott Steinberg, the Sony marketing boss. Speaking with Gamasutra on the 10-year plan Sony has for the PS3, Steinberg said: "The price of the PS3 is high but you're paying for potential." "The ten-year strategy is ingrained in all of us. [SCEA president and CEO] Jack [Tretton] has brought that to all levels of the organization," he told Gamasutra. We are not exactly sure if that is what gamers want to hear, but a marketing man should know that. What do you think? Comment and tell us.
2008/08/14 16:18:44: By DM
Burnout Paradise is being re-released on the PSN folks. Sure, that sounds boring, but it actually sounds promising. Firstly, the game will only cost $29.99. On top of that, all the previous updates will be included, and that even includes the upcoming motorcycle update! On top of even that, ther will be trophy support as well! This is the game that should have been released from day one, and the sales would have been 3x what they were. Click read more for the full info.


REDWOOD CITY, Calif., Aug 14, 2008 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Criterion Games, a studio of Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that the Platinum-hit driving game Burnout(TM) Paradise will be available to download from the US PLAYSTATION(R)Network via the PLAYSTATION(R)Store for $29.99 this Fall. Winner of over 55 awards worldwide, the downloadable version of Burnout Paradise will incorporate all of the recent updates that Criterion Games has delivered directly to consumers.
2008/08/13 16:06:19: By DM
Even though Sony Cambridge originally told Eurogamer that there would be no copy protection on the PlayTV service program files, and they could be moved freely to any medium, Sony has had a change of heart. Now, it seems, Sony has told Eurogamer that PlayTV will not allow saved video files to do anything but stream live to the PSP or record and play on the PSP. No reason for the change of heart was given, but what bad news. On top of this, PlayTV will not record HD signals at launch, and Sony is working on making it possible in future. Oh boy.

2008/08/12 15:37:33: By DM
Well, folks, believe it or not the Street Fighter "Surprise" that Capcom promised along with Bionic Commando Rearmed on the PSN is just Street Fighter Alpha 1. It will be available on the PSN this Thursday as a PSOne classic. Oh well, kind of a let down.
2008/08/08 19:03:27: By DM
Want to apply for the PS3 HOME closed beta? Well, it really could not be simpler at this point. Go into the PSN store new releases, find the new PSN HOME free theme, and download it. You do not even have to install it, but we would, just to be safe. That's it. You are officially applied, folks. Enjoy.
2008/08/08 15:25:34: By DM
Sony is really pinning a lot of hopes on the upcoming Little Big Planet. Producer Eric Fong, speaking to GI, explained that the target audience is "everyone," from the casual gamer to the hardcore.

"It's going to be a hardware seller. Not only do you have the platforming experience that a lot of other games will have, you have this creativity that really is exclusive to LittleBigPlanet."

What really gets us is that Sony has yet to really explain just what the game is all about. Hopefully we will get some sort of preview soon.
2008/08/08 14:08:24: By DM
According to N4G, Austrian website eLhabib have posted information regarding a new Warhawk update, due at the end of August. Operation Fallen Star will include Jetpacks, and you can also shoot while in the air. The jetpack item name is Icarus Mk. I, random bit of info, but there it is. That is all they posted at this time, so stay tuned, rumor mill for now, but it is likely true.
2008/08/08 14:04:55: By DM
Sad news for the Euro Playstation 3 games, at least. It seems Capcom is delaying the release of Bionic Commando on the PSN. Next week's planned release date has been changed to "TBC," which means who knows. Apparently the game is still slated for Japan and US release, and for Xbox Live release as well, so it may have something to do with PAL conversion. Stay tuned.

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