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Sumo Chief Rocker Chair

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Written by DM on Sunday, January 18 2009

Sumo, the maker of those fantastic and high-quality bean bag chairs, sent us their Chief Rocker to check out. Once again, the chic, high-quality, chair was a ton of fun all around.

The Chief Rocker is a rectangle-shaped bean bag chair, about the size of a 5 foot human. When you first receive the Chief, it comes in parts, just like the Sumo Bean bag did. You get the outer cover, which can be taken off and put in the washing machine if necessary. You get the internal bean-bag container, which is the bag that contains the actual "beans" of the chair. You also get a metal frame to hold the rectangle pillow in the shape of a comfortable recliner-chair.

Putting together the Chief is a bit tricky, it helps to have two people to shove the internal bean sack into the cover. I am not saying one person cannot do it, but it is certainly a bit of a chore. This is ok, though, because in order to provide such a quality product, Sumo has to manufacture the chair this way.

The actual beans are made up of banana-shaped plastic polymer kernels, and they are much better suited for a chair than regular, round, beans. Once you have "shoved" the internal bean sack into the outer cover and zipped it up all, you are ready to sit on the pillow. That is, unless you also have the metal frame that goes along with it. The metal frame is easy to assemble, as the pipes slide into one other fairly easily. The frame itself is made up of sturdy metal, so you needn't worry about bending or damaging the Chief Rocker.

Just like the Sumo Bean Bag, the Chief Rocker is a great addition to any gamer's setup. You can use this night and day, and you can even nap on the damn thing if you like, it is that comfortable! Sumo has come through, yet again, with a great product, and they remain at the top of ultra-cool, chic, bean-filled furniture manufacturers.


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