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Soul Calibur IV

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Written by DM on Monday, August 04 2008

I can say, without question, that fighting with lightsabers is really, really cool. When you use Yoda, you hop around just like the movies, and to top it all off, Yoda cannot be grappled! This will certainly force his omission from tournaments, but he is a ton of fun to use. If this is the type of lightsaber versus lightsaber fighting we can expect in future video games, we are in for a real treat.

Unfortunately, as those who read my reviews know, there comes the time when we must discuss a game’s faults, and yes, SC4 does have drawbacks. The first of them being the balance of the game’s fighters, or as I call it, the “Kilik” problem.

In the game, Kilik is the fighter who uses the Bo Stick. Not only is he fast, but his reach is extreme, and his power with that Bo is as high as any other fighter. This leads to Kilik being used by 90 of the players who play online and actually care about their records. It really gets frustrating to want to use the random selector in order to, you know, actually learn the game, when all you do is loose to a Kilik, then another Kilik, then Josh, who really is just a modified Kilik, and then Kilik again. By the time you actually fight someone different, it is usually one of the other two unbalanced fighters – Algol or Nightmare, the two bosses.

While many players claim the age old claim that “if you know how to play you can beat the unbalanced fighters.” Well, guess what folks, if I wanted to play a game where the point was just to learn how to beat one particular fighter then I would play an adventure game to beat the end boss, because that’s what an adventure game is. Guess what Mr. 66-5 online record who uses a super-powered-up customized Kilik – you are nowhere near as good as your cocky boasting seems to indicate. This is why I do not even plug in my Xbox Live mic unless I am running a session.

The next issue is the AI grapple problem. Guess what folks, as a special reward to those who are actually reading my review, I am going to tell you how to beat 95% of the matches you play. First, find a way to knock down your opponent. Next, do a double tap dash to where the opponent is getting up, and right before he totally stands up, do a grapple. Unless the opponent has Auto Grapple Break you will successfully grab them 99% of the time. You can use this method to beat almost any AI controlled fighter, even with Grapple Break you will eventually successfully grab, as long as you are quick enough.

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