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Soul Calibur IV

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Written by DM on Monday, August 04 2008

The final issue I have with the game is one that you, I’m sure, have heard about already. Mashers LOVE Soul Calibur IV. If I had to pick a fighting franchise where mashers can actually get far, it would be the Soul Calibur series. You can go a long was mashing in SC4, just like the other SC games. I suppose that in a weapon-based fighting game, this is unavoidable, but the extent to which it happens is frustrating most times.

Rather than ending on the drawbacks, I can add another accolade to the Soul Calibur IV list – the audio and soundtrack of the game. Firstly, the fully orchestrated soundtrack of Soul Calibur IV is not only impressive, but downright epic. The feel of the music and sound effects in the game is perfect to go along with the weapons and armor sets that the game includes. In fact, in the Star Wars hangar stage not only do we get the Imperial March playing in the background, but the sound effects are the authentic SW Lucasarts sounds! Great little touch there, Namco! The voice overs and quips are not the best written dialogue ever recorded, but they are better than average, for sure.

Soul Calibur IV is certainly a fantastic addition to the series. While many fans of the first and second games will miss some game depth, the fans of the third installment will feel a bit more at home. This is not to say the game is SC3 all over again, but it does lean more towards the last SC game than the first two, as I said. This does not mean that SC4 did not correct most of the issues gamers had with SC3, in fact, the fantastic sound and graphics combined with the technical improvements make SC4 the best game in the franchise, in my opinion. It takes the right amount of fighting mechanics depth and combines it with great visuals and online play to make sure that anyone can pick up the title and find something to keep them busy. Soul Calibur IV is simply the best weapon-based fighter available to date, and likely will be until SC5 hits.

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Soul Calibur IV

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