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2006/07/28 14:55:05: Posted by vividbreeze
One of our favorite platform games of all time will be making its way onto DVD this year -- as a movie! The Jak & Daxter Complete Trilogy will retell the epic tale of two heroes that have purged the Dark Maker menace and survived. The 90min movie will take us from the original Jak & Daxter game right into their latest adventure from Jak X: Combat Racing. Check the link for your chance to win a free copy of this much anticipated movie.

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Written by DepheCt (274) on 2006/07/28

Anticipated??? I hope its live action... Only better to laugh at.
Written by WORMGERM on 2006/07/28

Anticipated by who? It will be fucking stupid
Written by The people above me are retarded (1) on 2006/07/30

Are you freaking kidding me you mentally retarded freaks? they are the greatest games ever? do you even know what they are? do us a favor and off yourself so you dont get the privlige of seeing this awesome dvd release... bastards...
Written by entity (1) on 2006/09/18

Looks pretty cool, dunno how it'll work though...
Written by jakFan (1) on 2006/09/24

I say its about time the make a movie now jak games be a leang stated of as a gameand now a movie 1st time to happened.

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