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Written by DM on Tuesday, March 04 2008

A lot of times, a game will sound great on paper, or in theory, and when the actual title comes along, it leaves a lot be desired. The Club is, unfortunately, one of those games. The game is a good start, don’t get me wrong, but it is far from a finished product.

The Club does actually bring a bit of fresh air to a stagnant genre, which is why it is so much more disappointing that the game was released the way it was. First, keep in mind that the game is made by Bizarre Creations, the same people from Project Gotham Racing fame. Why do I mention this? Because The Club actually has racing mechanics, believe it or not. Racing, survival, and more.

The story behind the game is as follows. You are a new member of The Club. This “Club” happens to be a place where survival of the fittest is alive and well. You participate in contests where you must gun down as many enemies as you can as you progress through the maps. Each round has a different objective. Some you must stay in the same general area and defend it until the timer expires. Some you must literally race laps around the map as you kill as many thugs as you can, and some rounds you must rack up as many points as you can by stylishly killing thugs using rolls, dives, and distance shots. The more flair you show in your killing style the more points you get. You also have a multiplier that diminishes as you don’t kill. If you can keep on killing, the multiplier keeps on keepin’ on, if you will, and your points keep increasing.

Now it is time for the truth, folks. The simple fact is, if you are not a gamer who really enjoys shooters, then The Club is not for you. I do not care if you think The Club is the next best thing to sex, let me repeat myself: if you are not a gamer who really enjoys shooters, then The Club is not for you. The third person view the game is set in works for this particular game, but it is a pure shooter nomatter which way you cut it. Personally, I am a huge shooter fan, so I was able to get into The Club. My good friend Jpimps, on the other hand, is not, and he played the game for all of 5 minutes before declaring the Club worthless.

The maps themselves are probably one of, if not the high point of the game. Not only are they brilliantly designed, but the actually graphics are fantastic looking. The attention to details that the Bizarre Creations team paid is impressive. Graffiti and crumbling mortar and bricks looks real and fall right on cue. Then again, I expect nothing less from the Bizarre team. In fact, the feature that looks the best graphic wise in The Club, is the time-tested Bizarre motion blur smoothing. The same way that the PGR games have motion blur you when you race, this game has the same style blur as you move your camera around the screen, which really makes things look fantastic.

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