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Written by DM on Monday, November 28 2005

If you have been following the review of the Xbox360 games, you know that the sports titles have, for the most part, left a lot to be desired. It seems the only sports titles worth a damn are the two basketball games, NBA Live 06 and NBA 2k6. Today we will break down NBA 2k6 for you.

Take Two did not remove any of the features when it ported this game to Xbox360. Unlike EA did with Madden and Tiger Woods, this game retains all the modes that are in the Xbox and PS2 versions. I know there has been much debate over which game is better, NBA Live or 2k6, and I am here to say that NBA 2k6 takes the cake, though not by much. What it really will come down to, since the differences are so small, is what style of play you personally prefer.

As we said, the game takes nothing away from the Xbox version, and we do mean nothing. The menus, player photos, and even the coach models are direct from the Xbox. The player models, on the other hand, are not. They are completely redone and look fantastic. The player models have beards, hair, and moustaches, and they all look perfect. You can even read the words on some of the player’s tattoos. The players look the best towards the end of the game when the players start to sweat. It looks real. The cut scenes look great as well – the player who is highlighted gets focused on while the background is blurred. It is a great effect. At times you really thing you are watching an NBA game on live TV.

The graphics are not all roses and sunshine though. The players look great to be sure, but they are stuck onto a court that looks decidedly last-gen. Also, players that have long hair (which isn’t many, thank god) still look like they have one piece of plastic hair. Also, the player’s jerseys seem to float above the player’s skin at times, looking a bit stiff.

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