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FIFA 06: Road To FIFA World Cup

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Written by DM on Thursday, December 01 2005

FIFA 06: Road To FIFA World Cup is the only choice players have if they want to partake in a virtual game of soccer. Does this mean the game is worth owning? Certainly not. The game is a major disappointment, a rent only for sure. The game comes up short in terms of game modes and teams, which could be forgiven if extra work was put into other aspects of the game. Well I am here to tell you it wasn’t - it is the same FIFA you know, minus a lot.

EA did to this game what it did to most of its Xbox360 launch games, stripped it down. What is particularly bad about EA stripping FIFA down is that this game was supposedly in development for just over two years. Two years and we get a less complete product than the real FIFA which only had over a year of development? That is pretty outrageous if you ask me.

Keep in mind that there are no club teams in this game. The only playable teams are the International Squads that will be appearing in the World Cup 2006 In Germany. The game also has a scant 2 modes of play (discounting Xbox Live), friendly match (quick play) and Road To FIFA World Cup.

The graphics in this game are probably the high point. Though how high is really the question. The graphics during play are fairly smooth, and the cutscenes, while entertaining, all have that EA everyone-wrapped-in-cellophane look that seems so prevalent on the Xbox360 launch titles. The motion captures are good while playing, but the cutscenes look stiff. The frame rate, unfortunately, does not hold steady at 60fps. In fact there are times during some goalie cutscenes when it drops below 30 FPS. That or they are badly done slow-motion shots. Yes, it dips that low.

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FIFA 06: Road To FIFA World Cup

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