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Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse

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Written by Gotti on Tuesday, January 31 2006

We here at Gamers Reports were lucky enough to be sent a G7 Mouse courtesy of Logitech. This is their latest cordless laser mouse available on the market, so we had high hopes for this review, and we were not disappointed.

On the surface, the mouse is very sharp looking and extremely comfortable, especially during gameplay. Although the promotional pictures display a silver and green look, the mouse we received was almost entirely black (which we preferred) and the sides of the mouse where the thumb and baby fingers rest were rubber instead of a slick plastic surface (which we also preferred). The indicator lights are also very handy since they display both battery life and sensitivity settings (which we will discuss later). One of the features we appreciated the most on this mouse was the large polyetraflouroethylene surfaces on the bottom. These allow for wonderfully smooth and precise movements, with no friction detectable even with the most basic mousepads.

Now for a bit more of the technical side -- where this mouse really shines. To start, this mouse is a full-speed USB running at 2.4GHz. Without getting too overly detailed with the technical specifications the basics are as follows: 24 different channels available for switching if any interference is detected and a 2000 DPI laser setting all essentially mean one thing: no lag. The tiny receiver connects to the charging station, which itself is no bigger than a deck of cards really.

Now what makes this mouse nice during gameplay? Well, there’s a few options. Aside from the previously mentioned comfort and smooth control, the SetPoint Advanced Game control software allows users to predefine DPI settings for different sensitivity (up to 5 different settings). These settings can be changed on the fly in a game using the 2 buttons below the scroll wheel. To give an example where this comes in handy, consider an FPS game. In many games you may be used to a uniform sensitivity setting for all environments, but with this mouse, in situations such as using a sniper rifle, you can lower the sensitivity to allow for a much more controlled aim. It also comes in useful in games where you can switch from running to driving vehicles, allowing for smoother movement of the vehicles (i.e. Battlefield 2). A further option available is to further specify the sensitivity setting on the X and Y axis separately. Although we didn't use this option ourselves, we assume it would be useful for flight sims, etc.

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Logitech G7 Laser Cordless Mouse

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