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Written by DM on Wednesday, January 03 2007

Excite Truck for the Nintendo Wii has frequently been called simplistic. While it is true that the game does not have the depth of, say, Gran Turismo, it is not exactly gas, brake, and steer, either. In fact, the game is perfect for showing off the capabilities of the Wiimote outside of the uses that are shown in Wii Sports. The question is, does Excite Truck warrant a purchase or a rent? Let’s find out.

Excite truck is the spiritual successor of the NES game Excite Bike. For those of you who do not remember EB, the game was a simple motorbike game where players raced around an oval track and they could use their bikes to hop, jump, and loop their way through the course, solo or with other racers. One of the best features of Excite Bike was the custom track builder. The game was one of the first video games released where gamers could create their own courses. Of course, the maps were simple and the editor could only perform the most basic of functions, but it made for hours of fun nonetheless.

Excite Truck follows in the racing footsteps of EB, the racing is simple and the concept is basic. This does not mean the game itself is not fun. The game’s single player mode is basically a race to the finish through 4 or 5 tracks in 4 different classes. Once you complete one entire class, you are able to proceed to the next, faster, class.

The game uses the Wiimote in classic position, you will not need the nunchuck. The user holds the Wiimote sideways with the d-pad on the left, and then tilts the controller clockwise and counter-clockwise like a steering wheel. To be honest, if you are able to use the plastic steering wheel that comes with Monster 4x4 or GT Pro Series, that would benefit you greatly. For those who have not used the Wiimote at all, it is hard to understand just how well Nintendo’s new control system works. I am here to tell you that the Wiimote does work well when used as a steering wheel, and as long as you have the sensitivity adjusted correctly, the game’s controls work better than most analog stick-controlled racing games.

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