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PS3's Controller A Surprise To Developers >
2006/05/11 19:20:45: Posted by nstavros
One of the biggest headlines of this year's E3, the new Playstation 3 controller, is already causing mixed reactions. Today Gamespot released an article telling us that developers did not even know of the new controller until 2 weeks ago.

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Written by otoole on 2006/05/11

sony fail
Written by nstavros on 2006/05/11

amen to that
Written by WORMGERM on 2006/05/12

what's so suprising? I mean it is basically the same controller they used for the last 2 consoles.


They ripped off nintendo
Written by Oen on 2006/05/12

They made it have motion sensing, and no one knew about it. Yeah I feel they ripped of Nintendo too.
Written by MattTS (64) on 2006/05/12

There was an article about how Atari made a motion sensing joystick over 20 years ago (which badly sucked) and how Microsoft + logitech made a motion sensitive controller in 1999 for PC which is pretty similar to the new PS3 controller.
Written by whYte420 (113) on 2006/05/12

Sony has no class.
Written by Wii (2) on 2006/05/12

Well i mean atleast they fixed the controller im a ms fanboy but i wont buy ps3 until price goes down but im still gonna get it :P. And the ps3 controller is a lame idea its nothing like the Wii controller which senses depth, i gurantee that in japan Wii will be #1.
Written by nixon (203) on 2006/05/12

well put it this way wahtever it is, not advance as much like Wii, with wii u can do all kinds of moves, look at the tennis game while your swinging! you also have to go left or right to move left or right !!! now thats advance !!!!
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