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New Final Fantasy Game Coming To Xbox360? >
2006/05/18 12:28:19: Posted by DM
It seems that the XBox360 may be getting a new Final Fantasy title after all. Our MS man on the inside reports today that the 360 may be getting one or more of the Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII spin-off games that Square Enix recently announced at E3. On top of this, it seems that one or more of these titles may make their way to the XBox Live Arcade. Good stuff.

This is the same source that told us Alan Wake was being published by MS well before the official announcement was made, so this info may indeed have some merit. Rumor mill for now though.

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Written by x3mis on 2006/05/18

If They Are Right Like They Were With Alan Wake... This Very Good News ! Square Must Be Loving The Sales Of Final XI That Is Out Now For The 360.
Written by purbeast on 2006/05/18

seriously ... it doesn't get annoying to push the shift button at the beginning of every word?
Written by x3mis on 2006/05/18

I Call This A Script...
Written by Refugee (17) on 2006/05/18

This news rocks! Not that I'm the biggest FF fan. But getting this game will get all those FF douche bags on board!!
Written by DAMNIT! (1) on 2006/05/18

*Edited: Please no cursing.*
Written by Refugee (17) on 2006/05/18

Tell us how you really feel. LOL
Written by make sense you (1) on 2006/05/18

To Damnit:

Umm, if square and enix only ever stayed exclusive then playstation would never had FF or DS
Written by sert (1) on 2006/05/18

I dont think this is true.. FF13 and 13-2 are already made for the ps3 why should they bring it only to the 360 all of the sudden, and even if this is true than i think this so called 3rd ff13 will be multi so on the 360 and ps3 thats what i think.

But i think some xbox fanboy has made this one up :P
Written by me dumbfucker me (1) on 2006/05/18

interesting! IF ff13 is coming to 360, i wonder how big size of the game in ps3 and xbox 360? for example, the game is about 15GB? how can xbox 360 handle the game in a single disc? ofc, will have at least two discs
Written by Grrrr (2) on 2006/05/18

*Edited: Try not to insult the users.*
Written by The lemmings have been owned (1) on 2006/05/18

TLHBO by false hopes!
Written by LoL (33) on 2006/05/18

Why 15 gb?

GRAW 2,5 GB, Oblivion 4GB, FF12 4GB ...etc.

Will it have 10 hours of movies?Do you think they make interactive movie?

You have a good name though....
Written by Test (102) on 2006/05/18

Final Fantasy on the 360 would be yet another nail in sony's pine box.
Written by - The G- on 2006/05/18

People this is not the good ff games, sorry to say that but thats the truth, this is one of those shitty spin offs like that crystal chronicles for gc.

2. if this is for xbox live arcade then expect it to be WORSE then the crystal chronicles spin off, why? cause there is a cap on how big xbox live ARCADE games can be, infact the cap is so small, that goldeneye is too BIG to be put on xbox live ARCADE, at least that what j allard and peter moore said. So well if goldeneye is to BIG, how do u think the cgi cutscene heavy ff games will be? not good, so if this is the final fantasy game confirmed for 360 i will be very annoyed, cause it surely wont be the real deal.

And if they relase it on xbox live, that will be killing a huge market becuase not evryone has thier 360 online, and not everyone has ms points. Me myself i dont have any ms points and wont do for some time. paying real money for points is a joke.
Written by Kenny K on 2006/05/18

this is good news as it brings a popular franchise to the 360.

to whoever was whining about why it would be a 360 exclusive......it wasnt rumored to be an exclusive but a multiplatform title.

about the disk size....if its too big for a DVD, then they put it on two of them, simple as that.

and for the title headed towards LIVE arcade, i would imagine it would be the same game being released for handhelds or cell phones.
Written by XTR (3) on 2006/05/18

The Full RPG FF XIII Title - Nope, noway. Maybe the Versus, but I doubt it.

The Acrade - Yap, Probably.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/18

Actually it isn't a shitty final fantasy at all. There is final fantasy 13... and then there is final fantasy versus 13 (that is a spin off of Fabula Nova Crystallis) which is being developed by the kingdom hearts team and will be all action similar to what you'd see in kingdom hearts II.

If the 360 gets one of these games there are many talented teams within square that could develop the game. Square Enix with this new Fabula Nova Crystallis idea can give people REAL final fantasy games while avoiding multiplatform development.

Nobody is saying it'll be any of the 2 games already announced for the ps3 at E3. The final fantasy 10 team is doing ff 13 whereas kingdom hearts team is doing ff versus 13. What about the ff12 team and any other teams that square has? No matter how one looks at it the 360 is guaranteed an install base advantage up until 2008 square would be dumb not to see an amazing chance to profit off of the 360. People seem to take good games coming to the 360 so personally...

Anyway disc space isn't an issue on the 360.. compression folks elder scrolls 200+ hours gameplay on a single disc. They wouldn't release a damn game on xbox live "The G" of course it'll be put on a dvd. In regards to the cap on xbox live arcade... just think for a second they could DESIGN SPECIFICALLY FOR XBLA like the geometry wars guys and many others have done. Microsoft has no constraints btw they own xbox live they can increasee the cap on xbla in special cases if they'd like.
Written by Test (102) on 2006/05/18

Opt, how do you get all this info so fast?
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/18

Curiosity and acquaintances. Nothing is ever truly a sure thing (as is all things that haven't been officially confirmed - things that aren't officially confirmed are usually like that for a reason) </br></br>With that said though my sources haven't been wrong once. There is a first time for everything though, but lets hope all the good news is true smile.gif

There have been times though where they were wrong on when something would be announced, but I find that eventually it turns out to be true or there are little details they weren't sure about. Like the fact that gta was definetly coming to the 360 and that its probably exclusive. Its not exclusive to the 360, but there is exclusive episodic content that will only be on the 360.

Like for instance wardevil wasn't on the list of games I was told about and it turns out that the game is now a ps3 exclusive.
Written by Smarty Pants (291) on 2006/05/18

This seems like a consolation prize for MS. No main FF game, but, you get this version that we're giving to everyone else as well.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/18

I wouldn't go so far as to say that. To consider a spin off in the fabula Nova Crsystallis series a consolation prize would be calling Final Fantasy versus 13 a consolation prize for the ps3 (its a spinoff of ff13 not the main ff13). Also nothing coming out of square enix in regards to a new final fantasy game is a consolation prize they will work their ass off on it.

Square said in their official press release they'd be announcing more games in the fabula nova crystalis series. Now the team behind the ff13 spinoff "versus" is the kingdom hearts team backed by the advent children team. What will the ff12 team and other teams within square be working on? None of the ff13 spinoffs will be half assed and everyone isn't getting the same game they are different game in the same universe, but share different characters, worlds, only connected by a common mythology.

I understand that sony is getting the official ff 13 for themselves it seems, but ignore the details a new ff game from square in any regard is a blessing because they'll always put their best foot forward with any of their games. Also the title in question for the 360 will be 360 only.
Written by Itaintrite on 2006/05/18

"It seems that the XBox360 may be getting a new Final Fantasy title after all. Our MS man on the inside reports today that the 360 may be getting one or more of the Fabula Nova Crystallis FFXIII spin-off games that Square Enix recently announced at E3. On top of this, it seems that one or more of these titles may make their way to the XBox Live Arcade. Good stuff."

Hehe, nowhere does it say that if an FF13 game were released for the 360, it would be an exclusive. That would be a VERY stupid move by SquareEnix. I mean, come on, they haven't even announced any exclusive FF13 game for Nintendo's console yet. And we all know how much the Japanese love Nintendo :)
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/18

Itain the final fantasy game will be 360 exclusive when its revealed.

They didn't announce exclusive ff13 games, but they announced an exclusive dragon quest and final fantasy game for wii it may not be ff13, but they are exclusives for the wii only. The final fantasy titled is called crystal chronicles based on the same exact mythology that ff13 and ff versus 13 are based on. Nintendo's exclusive final fantasy game is a Fabula Nova Crystallis spin off.
Written by Zoo (1) on 2006/05/18

The truth is: If S-E releases FF13 ONLY FOR X360, X360 would sell out like hell.

Japan loves FF and DQ.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/18

Also why would it be stupid if it was exclusive for the 360? You can't be naive enough to think a final fantasy title wouldn't sell just as well on the 360 as it could a ps2 or ps3.

This urban myth that a japanese game wont sell well on a microsoft console is quite exaggerated. Square enix has absolutely nothing to worry about if they release an exclusive final fantasy game on the 360 it will be as big a success as it would've been on a sony or nintendo console. Microsoft console owners appreciate a great game just as much as anyone who owns a ps2 or will own a ps3.

Japan is all about square enix as zoo says it will sell. I still don't expect 360 consoles to sell out like mad if square puts a big game on it as an exclusive, but its pretty much a guarantee Japan will be paying attention to the game and sales will be much better than what the 360 has managed so far in japan.
Written by firebranded (14) on 2006/05/19

Opt-With the rumor of FF on XBLA,is there any chance of the SNES or GBA games going that route,I don't know the size of them on these but I know the limit of game size for XBLA is 50mb.

Thanks for your time.:)
Written by dubt (1) on 2006/05/19

i have heard the same cap on xbl arcade games, but why? we've all downloaded demos that took up almost half a gig. why can't they up the limit in certain cases?
Written by EdV (6) on 2006/05/19

*Edited: Turn caps lock off.*
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/19

I have no idea in regards to that firebranded, but tons of developers are interested in bringing their back catalog and developing titles new titles for xbla including Square.

Nonetheless what I just said is info Microsoft has already officially announced on numerous occasions so it shouldn't be news. I know older titles are being considered for xbla, but I wouldn't know which ones or when.
Written by ROFL! (1) on 2006/05/19

Reading the comments by Xbox360 owners who absolutely hate the FF franchise because it helped PS and PS2 sales against the Xbox. Adding to it the flop FFXI which was a disaster on X360 as ridiculed on Gamespot's very own ON THE SPOT video show.

Considering all those factors above. Yea, Now I too am a believer that SquareEnix is stupid enough to shell out millions of dollars on 360 development only to be letdown by hatred and poor sales. Yea, i see them doing that. Dream on 360 owners!
Written by anti-optaviusx 2.0 (107) on 2006/05/19

Square-Enix releases that FFXI onto 360 knowing very well thats its old, has a liminted market due to monthly-online fees, and wont be moving 360 units. They use those numbers to support their claim that FF wont sell on 360.
Written by Test (102) on 2006/05/19

That's funny because FFXI looks much better on the 360 than it ever did on ps2, plus you dont have to fuck around w/ a pc in order to get it up and running. I never could stomach the ps2 version because the graphics were total ass, plus you can't exactly play a pc game from your couch. Also, SE has said there is "thousands" of new players from the 360 market and that the beta test was very successful. If you don't believe that, check out their website, it's there, plain as day.
Written by firebranded (14) on 2006/05/19

Thanks for replying Opt,I would love to see the old stuff on XBLA because my SNES just died lol.

And I would love to see either version of tactnics on there too,go Sqaure!

Anti and ROFL,you guys have no clue.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/19

rofl judging square's success on the 360 via ff XI? That game would've flopped on the ps3 as well and not only that ffXI was actually in the top selling games list for the 360 during april and it debuted as the #6 most played game on xbox live so I'd say it did better than Square anticipated.

Square isn't crazy they knew FFXI wasn't going to move any units they figured why not do a port which doesn't cost as much as full fledged development and make some quick cash off of it?
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/19

Wow apparently even egm is linking to this article. Square issued a ""no comment on speculation or rumors" line ;D
Written by Daniel Delgado (1) on 2006/05/19

I might get An Xbox 360 along with the Nintendo Wii Oh and Sony Change the crappy PS3 500-600 Price tag.
Written by Shuyu (1) on 2006/05/20

A lot of people are used to Final Fantasy being on Sony consoles. One of the greatest FF titles was released on the PSX. Origins and Anthology were released on the PSX, as was Chrono Cross. Final Fantasy X and X-2 were released for the PS2, same with FFXII. The Squeenix/Disney crossovers in the form of Kingdom Hearts and Kingdom Hearts II are PS2 games, as well. People are much more familiar with the link between Sony consoles and Final Fantasy. I'm not ignoring the FF games on other consoles and handheld devices. But I just don't think a Final Fantasy game would sell well on the 360. And with that in mind, Squeenix would have to really want to risk some losses.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/05/20

Shuyu thats just the excuse every die hard sony fan uses. Final Fantasy will sell well on any console it goes to.

They are risking losses if they stick to a sony console only like they did by sticking with the ps2. You know square enix posted very disappointing sales revenue? All those top selling games and they posted a disappointing sales revenue.

Most importantly the biggest reason final fantasy games only came to the ps2 was because of the monster install base. The 360 will have the install base advantage this time around straight into 2008.

Large install base means you have a higher chance of appealing to someone that may want your game. If I was square enix and had a choice between 100 million + compared to 20 million + the choice is obvious you'd go with 100 mill. Microsoft says they'll have 10 million before the ps3 even releases and the way things are going it looks like they'll meet that goal.

The 360 can potentially have 10-12 million maybe more by the end of 2006. Sony expects to have 6 million by march 2007 (likely wont happen) sony is having major manufacturing issues right now especially with cell. Alot of the cell chips being manufactured are coming up with 2 spe or more dead which makes them useless UNLESS sony plans to downgrade the ps3's cell.

Not even taking into consideration that a crucial part of the ps3 doesn't begin manufacturing till july this year and sony refuses to give specifics on rsx which means they are having trouble with it. I mean why wouldn't the lower version have hdmi? Especially considering how sony has marketed 1080p.
Written by Sky (360) on 2006/05/20

optaviusx why do u assume just because sony doesnt release information about the rsx theres a problem? u assume too much on speculation.. and come up with somthing negative as a issue... come on now... ur xbox fanboyish ways are too much
Written by Oen on 2006/05/21

"i have heard the same cap on xbl arcade games, but why? we've all downloaded demos that took up almost half a gig. why can't they up the limit in certain cases?"

Not everyone has super fast downloads, even on "high speed". Secondly they want to sell you a lot of things, not just 1 game that eats up your entire HDD so you no room left to download more. smile.gif
Written by NapoleonDynamite (1) on 2006/05/21

Do these chickens have large talons?
Written by DuDe911 (1) on 2006/05/31

I don't understand why you guys are so negative about it.. Just remember that the first FF games came to nintendo, and they have already released FFXI for X360, I think that alone is enough to believe that they will release another game to X360 exclusive. If they released one FF game to X360, is there almost no doubt that another one will come..
Written by Becky (4) on 2006/06/08

No please no I beg you do not put any Final Fantasy games on Xbox 360.I'm a big fan of Final Fantasy games and I don't think I can take it if they put it on Xbox 360.I think it would look better on ps3 than on Xbox 360.I think all the Final Fantasy games should be on ps3 instead of Xbox 360.Those Xbox 360 people just want a good game on their system because Final Fantasy 13 will look way better on ps3.
Written by mike_mgoblue on 2006/06/25

Every game seen so far on both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 looks either noticeably better or significantly better on the Xbox 360. For example, Sonic the Hedgehog and Fight Night Round 3 look noticeably better on the Xbox 360. The Darkness and John Madden Football 2007 look signficantly better on the Xbox 360. There is absolutely no reason to believe that skilled programmers at Square Enix would achieve different results than the skilled programmers at Electronic Arts, Sega, or anyone else. WHEN Final Fantasy XIII is shown at the Tokyo Game Show for the Xbox 360, it will look either noticeably or signficantly better than the Playstation 3 version.
Written by Becky (4) on 2006/09/16

Final Fantasy 13 will look way better on Playstation 3.I don't care what anyone else says deal with it.
Written by Unbiased Technology Professor on 2007/03/10

Response to Becky:

Square Enix has decided to start using the Unreal Graphics engine for all of their games. The reason they decided to do that is based entirely around the amazing performance of Gears of War on the Xbox 360.

Every game released on both the Xbox 360 and the Playstation 3 has been better on the Xbox 360 in terms of both graphics and online performance.

When Final Fantasy 13 is released for both systems, it will also look and play better on the Xbox 360.
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