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2008/10/01 14:45:22: Posted by DM
The Comedy Troupe is back, this time with a video presentation. We can always count on TCT to provide us with something different for a game-related chuckle. Tell us what you think. TheComedyTroupe.com

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Written by VaeVictus on 2008/10/01

How about something just a little more modern, like knock knock jokes?

Knock knock

who's there?


banana who?

Knock knock

who's there?


banana who?

knock knock

who's there?


orange who?

orange you glad I didn't say banana again?
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/10/01

Vaevictus: Whatever your smoking, could you please pass the blunt???
Written by Xenos on 2008/10/01

Who here said that in time they might get better? Sorry but that was horrible and I want the 2 minutes of my life back, thanks.
Written by blacktiger on 2008/10/01

ahahhahh !
Written by madgunde on 2008/10/01

They put a lot of thought into that, so I give them credit for the effort, but I just didn't really find it funny.
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/10/01

How about you guys just stop b!tching about the ones that are not funny, and leave comments for the one you do fine funny.
Written by GeorgeTCT on 2008/10/01

I would rather get feedback on what we do wrong then not get any feedback at all. Everyone cant like our work and that's ok, we would rather know that we have to work harder and be more creative then sit back and wonder what people are thinking. That's why I love GR users they don't bullsh!t. So, please, give me your worst and of course if you like it, please comment on the video.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/10/01

^ creator?
Written by poprocker on 2008/10/01

So far I've liked the Hardcore Idiots and Commenters comics.
Written by B1ueBurneR on 2008/10/01

*find*, sorry for the grammer , I had a fine as chick around me.
Written by GeorgeTCT on 2008/10/01

one of em, yea.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/10/01

@GeorgeTCT, acknowledgment of negative feedback is a trait hardly seen in any business. i will agree to some that the comics arent as funny as say Penny Arcade, but i have thought some were pretty funny... i loved Guitar Hero Miley Cyrus! lol... that and the Hardcore Idiots and Commenters comic... oh, and hope you dont mind the minor change i made to the Commenters comic... pokin fun at Xenos lol.....

@B1ueBurneR, when dont you have a fine chick around you? i swear, i gotta visit your work place somtime... need tshirts? i'm a printer lol :p

oh and i havent watched the video yet... i will when i get home from work :p
Written by daveydz3 on 2008/10/01

went in circles too much. i think the clip shoulda been shorter maybe to be more effective?
Written by bpralays on 2008/10/01

i went to their website, its not bad. they got a pretty funny video about robocop.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/10/01

I thought the video was like one of those bad YouTube videos where somebody is trying too damn hard to get attention. Plus it wasn;t funny. Thats my 2 cents.

But I hope you guys keep bringing out new stuff. GamersReports may not be Siskel, Ebert, Roper or whatever. But we love to be critics anyways.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/10/01

lol... i cracked a smile... it was clever, maybe needs work on excecution, the acting was not bad.
Written by PimpDaddy on 2008/10/01

incoming00: You must have been snorting the same stuff in that video if you thought the acting was not bad. The only thing I cracked watching it was a bitter beer face...

I happen to agree with Xenos on the whole 2 minutes of my life I can never get back :p

The one where they cracked on GamersReports comments was funny though.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/10/01

well i said the acting was not bad, i never said it was funny. i may have cracked a smile while watching it, but like i said, it could've been excecuted better.

i said that the acting was not bad because they were able to stay in character the whole time while interacting with each other. it seemed more like the whole thing was an improv then scripted, jokes could've been funnier, but not bad...

just because its bad doesnt mean there's nothing good in it...
Written by Xenos on 2008/10/02

Sorry, IMO acting, timing, jokes, etc. were all pretty poor. I wouldn't even bother with any more videos, instead just focus on the comic strips and hope to find an angle that works.

These are all fine examples to how reality is blown up into something funny, whether it's the real or game world:





just replace the xx with tt.

These are all fine examples of humor in the gaming world and made me at least chuckle a little bit.
Written by incoming00 on 2008/10/02

Written by VaeVictus on 2008/10/02

incoming00, how would we know they were in character? That might be how they really are.

My complaint was that they found the oldest of bad video game to movie translations (all are bad) to make fun of. How many gamers today even know wtf they were talking about?

Make fun of UWE Boll or Michael Bay.
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