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2006/01/31 17:01:30: By DM
The Euros are finally going to get the fatastic game from the Ico team, Shadow Of The Colossus. To make up for the huge delay, Sony is added some special boni for gamers. The game will feature a special collector's box and some extra literature. Yes, that's it! Aren't you glad you traded all those months for some extra paper.
2006/01/27 14:29:58: By DM
According to GameSpot, the new Dragon Quest spinoff, Dragon Quest Yagnus has a date in Japan. The game will be available in April 20th to Japanese gamers. This means if the game hits US shores, we should see it around July-August or so. Let's hope Square brings it here.
2006/01/26 10:49:20: By DM
The first screens from the new Super Monkey Ball adventures game have been released. The game looks ok, we can only hope the gameplay is great, it does not look like they used the same engine as the other SMB games. Click on the news title for the screens.

2006/01/26 9:58:45: By DM
We have some new images today from the next installment in the Xenosaga series. This game is the thrid installment of six in the epic story that is Xenosaga, one of this writer's personal favorites. Click on the news title for the images.
2006/01/25 13:27:05: By DM
According to VideoGamesPlus, Square Enix plans to make only 250,000 units of the PS2 RPG Grandia III available for the North American release. We cannt confirm this info at this point, so we will tag it with rumor, but all the same if you want this game, better pre-order.
2006/01/24 14:16:02: By DM
Action Trip is the latest site to post a Neverwinter Nights 2 Q&A. Seems NWN is the hip interview to have these days. Maybe we should do one. Anyhoo, Obsidian's Ferret Baudoin and Tony Evans answer questions about the mechanics of the branching campaign, the new regions and new characters, spells, races, levelling, and other general info. Check it out.
2006/01/24 13:10:39: By DM
Capcom has announced today that it will release an anthology of Street Fighter Alpha games, my personal favorite. The anthology will also feature Super Gem Fighter, one of the worse Capcom SF fighters ever, or so im told. Click on read more for the full press release.

You win! The ultimate in arcade brawlers comes home as Capcom® today announced Street Fighter® Alpha Anthology for the PlayStation®2 computer entertainment system, a monumental compilation of the entire Street Fighter® Alpha arcade series. The collection features direct arcade conversions of StreetFighter® Alpha, Street Fighter® Alpha 2, Street Fighter® Alpha 2 Gold and Street Fighter® Alpha 3 which have never before been available together in one package. As an added bonus, the “pint-sized” Super Gem Fighter Mini Mix® (also released on consoles as Pocket Fighter®), is included which brings the total to five action packed games on one disc. Street Fighter Alpha Anthology is scheduled for release throughout North America in summer 2006. To date, the Street Fighter franchise has sold more than 27million units worldwide.
2006/01/24 8:46:29: By DM
According to unconfirmed rumors, Sega's epic Ryu Ga Gotoku may be heading to Europe. This game is receiving critical acclaim in Japan as one of the year's best if not the best game. Sega has said they have no plans to bring it the US, let's hope they change their mind.

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