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Ubisoft Pulls 'I Am Alive' From Developer, Brings In-House >
2009/03/06 9:19:45: Posted by DM
Ubisoft has decided to takeover development duties for its original disaster title, I Am Alive. The original developer, Darkworks, has been stripped of its responsibilities as the publishing and developing giant brings the game in-house. The game was announced at E3 last year, but has been delayed now several times, and now has a release date which only states "financial year ending March 2010." Hopefully the game is worth the wait.

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Written by Xenos on 2009/03/06

Apparently this was pulled because Darkworks because they were a bit stretched out between this and their other obligations. Hopefully this game turns out good because I REALLY like the premise behind it. What little I have read up on it sounded impressive from the impressions given.

Could be awesome or a dud, hopefully the former and not the latter.
Written by Sky on 2009/03/06

I read previews on this game.. I'm pretty excited.. more excited there any other games there publishing at the moment
Written by Xenos on 2009/03/06

This isn't a ps3 exclusive, so I don't know why you would care.
Written by Sky on 2009/03/06

well unreal is not an exclusive, street fighter 4 is not an exclusive, far cry 2 is not an exclusive.. I guess I did not care when I bought all those day 1.

Once again a delusional xbot who does not know his right from his left
Written by Xenos on 2009/03/06

Unreal was an exclusive for 6 months, and when you don't say shit about the other games other than "Buy SF4 on the PS3!!" It's not hard to tell that your fanboy interest mostly rest on PS3 only games.

If you posted and showed the same interest and support for other games that are as deserving as your PS3 exclusives, then I would admit you have a point. However, you advertise and talk about the PS3, and VERY little of anything else.

You let the status of a game and the platform it's on effect your judgement and discussion of a game. Sounds pretty sad to be honest with you since you are missing out on a lot with this fanboy mentality.
Written by Sky on 2009/03/06

Unreal was not an exclusive.. it was on PC too.. thats still a viable platform

and anyways.. let me ask you.. what sony exclusive games have I talked non stop about and they turned out to be less then steller or flops? which games have I hyped that you feel has been un worthy? this is obviously a rhetorical question because most of the games I am excited for you never played anyway
Written by Xenos on 2009/03/06

Console exclusive, the PC is rarely included in a console discussion. That's why other games were considered "exclusive" even with a PC version out. It's been this way for generations, so that's a poor spin on your part.

Also, you really don't want me to answer your flop question seeing as how poorly most PS3 exclusives have sold unless they were included as a pack in with the console.

I'd stop it with the hypocritical bullshit about what I have and have not played since I like to talk about good games in general and I don't go out bashing games I haven't played, unlike you.

Also good job dodging my comment about advertising for PS3 games and their multi-platform versions of games.
Written by Sky on 2009/03/06

Well good job dodging my question too when I asked which SONY games have I hyped that you feel was unworthy?
Written by Xenos on 2009/03/06

I didn't dodge it, as I feel that every game that gets hyped up to the level that you hype them up to be are unworthy.

The moment you act like any game is the next coming of christ, then yeah, it's unworthy regardless of platform.
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