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Killzone 2 Misses 1 Million Mark In US >
2009/05/20 11:27:23: Posted by DM
NPD data has revealed that sales to date for Killzone 2 in the US only hit about 677,000 units. The game was expected to do much better for the Sony platform, with Guerrilla games working on the title for over three years. When it was released, Sony proclaimed the game to be the fastest selling title ever in the US, in terms of reaching 500,000 unit sales, so the game was on track to hit 1 million. It seems things slowed down a bit for some reason.

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Killzone 2

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Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

Replace Killzone 2 with Halo [anything] in the title and you would have quite a few comments in here.

After all the baseless hype and bullshit over this game, it failed in the marketplace.
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/05/20

Too bad it hasn't sold more. The game is a lot of fun and technically, on a console, has few peers.

It's a shame really that a Halo RTS or Wii Fit sells better, but it is what it is. People are stupid.

I'm not sure what "baseless hype" you are referring to, but the game is absolutely worthy of the praise bestowed up on it. Like all games, improvements need to be made.
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

Why is it a shame that Wii fit or Halo Wars sold better? Both are quality games and deserve the sales as much as KZ2.

And by baseless hype, I meant how the Sony brigade (along with Sony) elevated this game up to the heavens like they do with all ps3 exclusives. If I had a nickel for every time I read/heard "After KZ2 this shooter is....." or how KZ 2 is a "real shooter", I would never have to work.

It was echoed as the "savior of the ps3", the greatest FPS EVAR!, Sony's Halo killer, and plenty of other fanboy fodder bullshit. It's failed on all of these counts.

In no way am I saying the game sucks, I truly believe it's a great shooter and look forward to playing it, but the flood of retarded Gifs, fanboy comments, and just overall hype got annoying..........fast. So no, it didn't deserve whatever hype the media/sony community built for the game, though I've said it before how I believe every major release is over hyped.....KZ2 was just on another level by the media and the sony fans.
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/05/20

Wii Fit is not a game (yes, I've played it) and the Halo RTS is ok, but nonething really worth mentioning.

677,000 is failing in the marketplace? Not every game sales 5 million in the first month like some of the better known franchises do. I wouldn't say KZ2 has failed at all. It certainly isn't a world beater, but it's not a sales flop either.

EDIT: And by saying I've played Wii Fit, I mean that I "played it" as much as it can be "played."

It's the pet rock of the video game era.
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

I can understand Wii fit, especially since it's coming from you, but you really think one of the best and most playable RTSs on consoles is nothing worth mentioning? Really?

TRU sold about 2 million and Eidos considered it a failure in the marketplace. So you think KZ2, which was more expensive to make, is considered any better? The game doesn't need to sell 5 million in it's first month, but it's been out since late February, that's about 3 months in the marketplace, and I would be surprised if it reached 2 million sales WW.

Spin it any way you like, but the sales are less than impressive. Besides nothing you posted disproves the fact that KZ2 was overhyped to all hell by the sony brigade.

I understand having a preference and being invested in the console you prefer, but some of you guys just have too much invested in your console of choice. If Halo 3 sold this poorly, I'd be saying the same thing, not trying to defend/spin the situation around.
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/05/20

I wouldn't go that far Xenos. Besides, it appears as though are goading and gloating the fact that the game hasn't moved like Sony had hoped.

In reference to Tomb Raider's sales, Tomb Raider, like it or not is a much more recognized series that is rated T in most regions.

KZ2 is rated M and doesn't have the same brand recognition. This has nothing to do with my preference.

It will reach 2 million world wide. Last I read, it was @ 1.5 million. It will eventually make that mark.

Do I wish KZ2 would sale better? Yes. Because it's a Sony property? No. Because it's a good game, yes.
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

If you're trying to say that I'm gloating about the poor sales of KZ2, that's completely asinine. Only an asshole of a fanboy would celebrate to a quality game failing in the market, but you have no idea how annoying it was to browse or post on the net leading up to KZ2's release. Again if the sony brigade wasn't so loud with their viral marketing, posting gifs in threads that weren't KZ2 related, KZ2 being braught up in every thread about a game that was also graphically impressive, and more; if any of that never happened then I really wouldn't have anything to say. I've said it before and until the sony brigade shuts their damn mouth I'll keep saying it, it's WAY beyond old that every ps3 exclusive released is greeted with an ungodly amount of hype from both sony and it's mindless fans, as if said game is going to turn the tides or is so much better than anything else on the market. It's old, it's retarded, and I wish it would stop.

Also, I agree that TR is a more known franchise than KZ, but that doesn't change the fact that if TRU was a failure financially, then the same can safely say about the more expensive KZ2. Besides, the brand awareness excuse only goes so far. What kind of brand awareness was there for the first Gears when it was released to a much smaller install base?

If I'm wrong then where was all the PR from Sony regarding the awesome sales stats of KZ2? Again if Halo 3 or a Gears sold the same, I would be saying the same thing, not doing a spin job. Sorry don't buy the wish for KZ2 to sell well because it's a good game bit. Halo Wars is a good game and you question the great sales of that game, calling people stupid. So you say one thing, but your actions don't match it.
Written by Sky on 2009/05/20

Judging a game based just off 1 region's sale numbers is senseless.. did the game only come out in the USA or what?

wait until we get offcial worldwide sales # from sony
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

^ Yes, let's wait for Sony's numbers. The same company that spewed bullshit saying there were over a million pre-orders in Europe alone for the game. Just for them to announce a million copies sold WW almost a month later..............yeah.
Written by Sky on 2009/05/20

This game was hyped of to the heavens but it was well deserved.. I'm sure sony is happy. the game will contine to sell and I'm sure with all this DLC the revenue stream will be quite nice. a lot of people forget that

Xenos.. Sony rarely post games sale stats. hell we don't have concrete numbers for any of there titles. (first party)
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

Games on the 360 and ps3 are usually front loaded and do not have long legs. Sure the game will continue to sell, just like any other game, doesn't change anything of what I've said.

And I'm not forgetting about DLC, but you have to consider the cost of making said DLC when factoring in this revenue.

I swear you two are some spin doctors today. Probably wasting my time here. <_<
Written by Sky on 2009/05/20

We can't prove them wrong can we? there is no robust tracking for games sales avaiable to the public for europe

they said the same thing about GT5p too

well if you look at the recent DLC for KZ2.. there KZ1 maps.. I'm sure that wasen't hard to produce. the first DLC was SP set pieces.. I'm willing to bet at least one of these was done before the game shipped.. it went gold pretty early if i recall too.
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20


There's a reason Sony rarely reveals sales stats. The only times they've ever said anything about sales outside of KZ2 was with Motorstorm, Resistence, and Uncharted. All 3 were pack in games in a region (most likely Europe or USA) and all 3 reached 1 million in sales thanks to these bundles. Unlike NPD, Sony does include bundle sales in their PR bullshit.

But go on keep spinnin.....

Edit 2:

Ohhhh I see, we're playing the whole "prove them wrong" bit now eh? Wow someone is very desperate.

Again wasting my time. Sony and all of their games rise above the heavens and competition, I'm soooo sorry for disagreeing with you guys, thanks for showing me the light. /sarcasm.
Written by Sky on 2009/05/20

So is that the reason? hmm.. all there first party games are pretty much pack in in europe.. theres maybe 20 bundles produced over there over the course of this generation( first party titles)

so is this why we don't get sales numbers Xenos?
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

We find out when games sell over a million, that's a milestone for Sony obviously, after that we don't know. Regardless games are front loaded on the ps3 and 360, so beyond any initial sales boom, it's pretty quiet afterwords. If you don't know what that means then go out and learn about something for once in your life.

You're part of the fuckin problem concerning my comments about KZ2 and other Sony titles, so I really wouldn't be saying shit sky.
Written by Sky on 2009/05/20

I believe the 360 sales are more front loaded which is why you end up with dozens of pre orders for games

Sony's titles seem to me have legs that stretch out.. slow and steady. KZ 2 will pass the million mark in the USA easily this year.
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

And where are you basing this twisted dilusional fanboy logic from? Halo 3 sold almost as much as KZ2 last month. What kind of legs is that? These "legs" that you're talking about must be the reason why we're seeing PR and articles about Sony 1st party titles selling 3+ million, right? Oh wait...........

There are entire articles talking about how KZ2 sales have dropped off a cliff and you're trying to spew this bullshit? Fuckin wake up or shut up.

BOTH systems are front loaded, this isn't the Wii or DS we're talking about.

Quit it with the fuckin spinnin. This flame bait shit game is old now. I'd put up a ban bet with you but DM doesn't have the balls to carry it through and you don't have the balls to honor it.
Written by Sky on 2009/05/20

What ban bet was you having in mind? KZ2 1 million by years end? for USA

Written by Xenos on 2009/05/20

What difference does it fucking matter? You're ass should have been long gone from our bet concerning SF4 sales.

You already proved that you have a vagina between your legs, so nothing now will change that.
Written by kungfurabbit on 2009/05/20

I haven't seen anything on 360 that looks better than this game. The only thing that comes close is gears.Which i don't hear shit about know more.
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/21

And looks alone determines how good a game is right kungfurabbit?

I don't think anyone in this topic once said anything about the graphics of this or any other game.

Nothing any of you guys say can change the fact that this game was hyped up to all hell, beyond annoying levels, by the sony brigade for no damn reason other than the fact that it was on the ps3.
Written by arthur56k on 2009/05/21

i was one of the people that said that this game was probably not going to be a huge commercial hit.

after this year, i doubt Sony will be in the business of mega budget game production, it is astonishing that thee are games on other consoles that deliver just as much with multiplayer on lower budgets
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/21

Sony will continue to make big budget games, that shouldn't even be a concern really.

You can't have an omlet without cracking a few eggs. As long as the fanbase is happy what difference does it matter anyways?
Written by VaeVictus on 2009/05/21

It was probably a waste of time to make KZ2. It did nothing well. Now, if it were on the Wii or 360, probably would have. Waggle controls or better online service probably would have pushed this over the top...like Madworld.
Written by arthur56k on 2009/05/22

money not well spent, thats the bottom line, in business the more you risk, the higher the returns should be vae.

thats business 101
Written by Xenos on 2009/05/22

No it wasn't a waste of time to make KZ2 Victus.

Really don't know why you guys have to always carry my comments further than they really are. It was over hyped and did not deserve the hype it received. Plain and simple. If the game looked like Perfect Dark Zero, do you really think it would have been hyped here and other sites like it was? no. Don't know how many times I can repeat myself that these sales are not impressive, and I would say that about any game that recieved this much hype/attention, regardless of console.
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