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Sony Giving 3 Free PSP GO Games To Those Who Upgrade >
2009/09/24 11:51:44: Posted by DM
Sony has announced that users who upgrade from a fat PSP to a new PSP GO will receive three free PSP GO game downloads. Users will have to log in to the PSN with their old PSP with a UMD disc in the drive, which then allows them to download a special PSP GO theme. A voucher will then arrive via email for use to download three PSP GO games. It sounds like Sony is really pushing the PDP GO, free GT PSP for all basically, three free games for some, and I'm sure if you have to buy some of the launch games they won't cast too much, or there will be incentive prices.

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Written by Libara on 2009/09/24

So I guess people who already bought a UMD version of a game wont be able to swap it for a download for the go?
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