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Bioware Defends Dragon Age DLC >
2009/11/05 11:29:25: Posted by DM
The lead systems designer of Dragon Age: Origins has explained that it was BioWare's decision of what to include in the DLC packs, and what to charge for them, not EA. The source of the controversy is that there is no way to store items unless you pay for the Warden's Keep DLC, which cost 560 MS points. This comes with a player treasure chest, which lets you put your unwanted items in for later sale or use. The other DLC comes free with the game, and it costs 1200 MS points, and there are all sorts of pre-order item bonuses. The players feel that charging for a way to store items basically amounts to extortion. We think that this is just the way game companies are going to do business from now on, so get used to it.

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Dragon Age: Origins

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