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Final Fantasy VII Remake For PS3 (Part 3)? >
2006/06/13 20:53:49: Posted by DM
More fodder to add to the Final Fantasy VII remake on PS3 rumor mill today. According to a BestBuy Playstation 3 pre-order list, there is an entry for Final Fantasy VII. Of course, this is far from conclusive, but it is another tidbit to add to the pile.

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Final Fantasy VII Tech Demo

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Written by Itaintrite on 2006/06/13

Hehe Bestbuy. Strike one. Let's say that FFVII has been in the work since last E3. It wouldn't be out in the States for at least another 2 years. Preorder? Strike two and three!
Written by optaviusx on 2006/06/13

Turns out.. this game really is in the works for the ps3, but I seriously wouldn't expect this game to be out anytime soon. I'm guessing this game wont get announced till like mid to late 2009.

The game will be absolutely amazing of course there is no way they can screw this game up unless the environment designs aren't done well which I find highly unlikely since its Square Enix. Not to mention they need to make all the magic, summons and limit breaks look as incredible as possible.
Written by TaiZ on 2006/06/13

Where's the proof that a FF7 remake is really in the works? Square-Enix has said many times that they are not working on a remake.

Don't say EGM, that little part in it is about as reliable as the GameFaqs messageboards.
Written by bob (280) on 2006/06/14

I don't care if it's real or not, I'd much rather see a proper FF6 remake. The original was on SNES for crying out loud. Screw Cloud and his stupid sword.
Written by Bill Nye on 2006/06/14

Let's just remake all of them while we're at it. And Chrono Trigger, too.
Written by optaviusx on 2006/06/14

Square Enix has made it clear that Final Fantasy VII and 13 are 20 year projects. They will be making more games based in the universe of final fantasy 7 or containing the same mythology as final fantasy 13. Dirge of Cerebrus is one of many they will be doing.

There will 100% without a shadow of a doubt be a ps3 final fantasy VII game. Whether they will do ff7 spin offs (like dirge of cerebrus) for the ps3 first or a straight up ff7 remake is unknown, but they will be coming out when they announce it you'll see I was right.
Written by Ric Hard on 2006/06/14

The game is probably being made. Considering stores get their SKU numbers from the main companies.
Written by OptX (103) on 2006/06/14

Ric Hard is correct. Why would it be something they'd want to do. Bottom line is profit, nothing else.
Written by Flynn (3) on 2006/06/14

Heh...it definetely is to squeeze money out of the FFVII fanmonkies....now whether they will make it actually better than the original is something to be seen.
Written by C.C. (1) on 2006/06/28

*Edited: Caps lock should be locked under the Tab key.*
Written by Tifa (1) on 2006/07/13

Well if it is true, I don't care how much it cost! For the PS3 and the game. I will work 4 mor jobs and not eat for weeks if that's what it take. They can have my money so long as I get the game!

Hard Core FF7 fan right here!
Written by martin trevor malone (1) on 2006/07/15

poeple can get piss off by lookin at ign by sayin there well be no remake of final fantasy vii.

if there is a remake i well be so fuckin happy to get it on the ps3.

i do have ffvii on ps1 n its ok but i would like a bloody remake of final fantasy vii oks.
Written by mtm (1) on 2006/07/15

i hope of a remake of final fantasy vii on the playstation 3 ( u can send me a email at [email protected] oks ).
Written by martin malone (1) on 2006/07/20

what would u all like to see final fantasy vii on the ps3 or xbox360 i would like it to be on the ps3 ( email me at [email protected] oks ).
Written by Snake (1) on 2006/08/02

to all final fantasy fan by u lot watching final fantasy vii video on ign.

it piss me off to see final fantasy vii on the ps3 it fuckin cool to see it on the ps3 but i am piss off because they are saying there is going to be no remake of final fantasy vii off the ps one i look at all the websites of final fantasy vii and they cep saying we are going to finsh ff xiii van maybe we will make a remake of ff7 but can it piss u all off by watching the ff7 video on ign and saying no remake what the fucking point putting it on the web and making poeple look at it and saying to all the poeple there is no remake off the ps one game ff7 ( send me a email at [email protected] or add me on your MSN kk ).
Written by sephy (3) on 2006/10/11

Flynn, I agree with you on whether they can make it better than the original. Sure, FFVII was an epic story, emotional and tragic, but there was an underlying humor, graphics related I should add, including the dialogue, that made this rpg so great. I would love to see the Square-Enix team take Castlevania Symphony of the Night, the greatest action-adventure game for the PSX, and do a remake for the PS3. (Not that this is going to happen anytime soon)
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