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Halo Wars DLC Already Complete >
2008/11/17 17:56:20: Posted by DM
The downloadable content for the upcoming RTS Halo Wars is complete, apparently. The content was apparently designed into the game's framework from the beginning, so it has been worked on side-by-side with the main title. The DLC will be held back a bit, though, to help sustain interest in the game. Sounds reasonable, not too long now, Bungie.

"It was never the plan to finish the game THEN start work on the DLC," he went on to say, adding that the DLC was pretty much done already.

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Halo Wars

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Written by MASTERJ0J0 on 2008/11/17

bungie? i thought it was ensemble doing this one
Written by kr0niXz on 2008/11/17

So if the DLC is done why not put it in the game you greedy bastards!
Written by daveydz3 on 2008/11/18

kronixz: because its just that, DLC. it is about making money but also extending the life of the game
Written by madgunde on 2008/11/18

It's about raising the retail price of your game, without people realizing you've raised the price of your game. 5 years ago, this content would have probably been included in the retail version. It's unfortunately the way the industry is moving. Look at Warhawk. It was sold at a cheaper price because it was an online only game, but when you take into account the price of the add-on DLC packs, it has cost as much or more than a full blown retail game which contains single and multiplayer. Yet what have we got with the add-ons? a few extra vehicles, weapons and maps. Not equal in value to the price paid if bought separately when you consider what you got for your initial $30.
Written by kr0niXz on 2008/11/18

daveydz3, yeah I know, just sad that it has come to this. I mean games are expensive enough, but whatever I download them all now anyways...
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